33-year-old Reese M. Hartstirn allegedly strangled an 8-year-old girl in the women's bathroom until she was unconscious, then allegedly dragged her into a stall to molest her. Let's be glad there was a witness who called for help as people surrounded the man and held him down until police arrived.

This poor kid just went through an absolutely traumatizing event in her life that may leave her messed up in the head forever, all for nothing.

Does anyone still want to allow men in the women's bathroom?

What if there wasn't a witness? This poor girl would've been raped in the stall and left there unconscious until someone found her.

Great job to the residents of Chicago who held the man down.

According to Chicago's ABC affiliate, police arrested Reese M. Hartstirn, 33, after witnesses said he was seen choking the child until she was unconscious, then carrying her into a stall in the bathroom of a store on South Canal Street. Witnesses told police that after the suspect was seen attacking the girl, the child's mother and several of the patrons and workers of the store gathered together to restrain the man until police arrived. The child's mother also testified that Hartstirn attacked her when she tried to separate him from the child. Hartstirn was later charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery of a child, both felonies. The suspect will also face several misdemeanor charges, as well as charges of attacking one of the police officers who took him into custody at the Central District station.

Men should not be in the Women's Bathroom

The fact that we're having this conversation about letting men in the women's bathroom over what they "identify" with is the most absurd thing I've ever seen in my entire life. If you're a transgender man and you can't pee sitting down in the women's room, then too bad. I don't care if you're feelings are hurt.

You belong in the men's room because that's scientifically what you are. You can't switch bathrooms because of the way you dress or act.

Doesn't work like that.

You're NOT a woman, you're just a man disguised as one.

And let me remind you for the 900th time that it is NOT the transgender people we are worried about. We're more concerned with the sick people who use gender identity as a way to gain easy access to a women's room and commit crimes like this.

There's been numerous crimes linked to men in the women's room and that's all thanks to this ridiculous concept of gender identity and men going in the women's room.

Doesn't matter what you identify with, it's what you're born with. That determines which bathroom you go in and we shouldn't give criminal men easy access to the women's room.

I have no problem with anyone who is transgender, but I do have a problem with people pretending to be transgender to gain access to the ladies room and hurt someone. That's not cool and we can't let this happen.

We don't want men in the women's room.

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