Child sex abuse: Brisbane Grammar School imposes gag order for compensation

Paedophile teacher Kevin Lynch left a trail of victims at Brisbane Grammar School.VICTIMS of horrific child sex abuse at the hands of paedophile teacher Kevin Lynch have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements to receive compensation payouts from Queensland’s most expensive private school, Brisbane Grammar School.

The Courier-Mail can reveal the inner-city private school has quietly settled with “some 130 former students” abused by Lynch in the 1970s and ’80s, and is in talks with 10 others.

Strength and sincerity': John Howard's glowing character reference for George Pell

John Howard says in a character reference he has known Cardinal George Pell for 30 years and he is a person of exemplary character

The former prime minister John Howard has described Cardinal George Pell as “a person of both high intelligence and exemplary character” and says that his conviction on child sexual abuse charges doesn’t “alter my opinion of the Cardinal” in a character reference.

Howard’s reference was published in full in the Herald Sun shortly after another former prime minister, Tony Abbott, described the George Pell verdict as “devastating … for the friends of Cardinal Pell”.

Howard was one of 10 people to submit a character reference to Melbourne’s county court on Wednesday during a sentencing hearing after Pell was found guilty of five counts of child sexual abuse in December last year.

More than 100 police under suspicion in paedophilia crackdown

A list of more than 2,400 Britons who the FBI believes have subscribed to paedophile websites contains the names of more than 100 police officers, including a detective chief superintendent, it was revealed last night.

But in what was developing into a major scandal, it was also disclosed that it could take under-funded British police up to five years to work their way through the list and bring the culprits to justice.

The list - which contained the names of the two Cambridgeshire police officers who worked on the Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells murder inquiry and who have since been charged with child pornography offences - was supplied to Britain's National Crime Squad after three people suspected of involvement in paedophile websites were arrested in Texas.

Cardinal Sin: How Australia's newspapers reacted to Pell's conviction

Amanda Vanstone: The persecution of Pell is a disgrace

Former Liberal Minister Amanda Vanstone is right.

What we are seeing is vicious and shameful:

The media frenzy surrounding Cardinal George Pell is the lowest point in civil discourse in my lifetime. I'm 64.

What we are seeing is no better than a lynch mob from the dark ages. Some in the media think they are above the law both overseas and at home.

Congress passes the “Paedophile Protection Act”

Opponents worry over special 'hate crimes' treatment for homosexuals.

A “hate crimes” bill opponents claim will be used to crack down on Christian speech, even the reading of the Bible, is poised to be signed by President Obama, a longtime proponent of the plan to give homosexuals and others with alternative lifestyles special protections not provided other classes of citizens.

The Senate approved the measure 68-29 today after Democrats strategically attached it to a “must-pass” $680 billion defense appropriations plan.

Inside the Pell trial: we sat in court for months, forbidden from reporting a word

For nearly three months a small group of journalists watched as the most powerful Catholic official to be charged with child sexual abuse faced justice in a Melbourne courtroom.

Until now we have been unable to publish a word of what we heard and saw.

Cardinal George Pell, a confidant to the pope and the financial manager of the Vatican, had been on trial for child sexual abuse – not once, but twice.

Submissions to Theresa May’s child sex abuse inquiry accidentally deleted

3677.jpgVictims of alleged child abuse who submitted testimonies to website between 14 September and 2 October deleted due to technical blunder.

Information provided by alleged child abuse victims to the overarching inquiry set up by Theresa May has been deleted due to a blunder, it has emerged.

Shocking Times: Movement for Pedophile “Rights” Marches On

Increasingly, the modern perversion of “rights” leads to little but wrongs. And one of the best current examples is the movement to legitimize pedophilia. InfoWars reported on the subject just recently, writing:

Leftist media is now promoting “pedophile rights” as the next “social justice” movement…

Numerous political commentators predicted that pedophiles would try to hijack the June 26 Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriages to argue that they too are “suffering” discrimination over their “normal” sexual orientation.

“Using the same tactics used by ‘gay’ rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals [sic],” wrote Jack Minor for the Northern Colorado Gazette.

News Corp columnists declare Cardinal Pell innocent and 'a scapegoat'

Miranda Devine and her fellow News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt wrote that convicted child molester George Pell was innocent.Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine say Cardinal George Pell’s conviction was wrongful and ‘accusations are implausible’.

Rupert Murdoch’s Australian mastheads have published several prominent articles defending the convicted child molester George Pell and casting doubt on the jury’s unanimous verdict in Melbourne’s county court.

Dozens of paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders will be allowed to work with CHILDREN after winning appeals

  •  Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal overturned over 12 bans in five years
  • Successful appeals have been made by paedophiles, rapists and sex offenders
  • The court decisions have been slammed by victims and child protection groups 

More than a dozen paedophiles, rapists and violent sex offenders have won the right to work with children through a series of court challenges.

Successful appeals at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) have resulted in over 12 working with children bans being overturned in just five years. 

Demand Yes or No on Pedophile-Protecting Hate Bill

Last week, Rep. Louis Gohmert was outraged with House Judiciary Democrats because of their refusal to exclude pedophiles from special protection under the pending federal hate crimes bill, HR 1913. He said this meant if a parent physically defended their child from attempted rape by a pedophile, that pedophile could have the parent arrested for "bias-motivated assault"-a federal hate crime!

If HR 1913 becomes law, inclusion of pedophiles under its special rights and protections means a homosexual pedophile has preferential rights to police and legal services over you. They become members of a specially protected species within their "sexual orientation." Law enforcement and the judicial system will become especially inclined to come to the homosexual pedophile's defense and punish those who might threaten him.