Children snatched by Queensland Child Safety and placed into full-time care of paedophile father

Re Brisbane Hearing where Four Government Departments are Protecting a Paedophile:

We had twelve decent people whose presence there, we believe, ensured that the Court conducted itself properly for the most part.  The matter was adjourned for two weeks because it appears the Registry (presumably under pressure from above) had not placed the Court seal on the subpoenas issued to four key Government Departments - so-called 'Child Safety' , Police, Education and Health. 

Last August the perfectly good mother involved, whose children have been taken by  'Child Safety' Department, and placed into the full-time, unsupervised 'care' of their pedophile father (we have Departmental documents confirming he is a pedophile and that he has sexually abused these children), along with a RealJustice representative, suffered an illegal incident at the Court  --- For attempting to get these subpoenas issued, which of course is an absolute Right, our people were refused issuance of subpoenas, abused and assaulted by security guards and illegally imprisoned by police who just assumed that the Supreme Court of Queensland is honest (!).   At Court last week we got the subpeonas formally sealed and issued and all four Departments were served with them on Monday.   It seems obvious that the presence of observers at Court assured that this would happen.   THANK YOU TO THOSE PEOPLE! 

Now we ask again for the assistance of witnesses at Court on the 21st February when we expect fierce resistance to the enforced disclosure of massive corruption in support of paedophiles - probably by a pack of hired hand barristers trying to persuade the Court that the lies used to ruin people's lives should not be disclosed and that the cover-up should continue.  

PLEASE COME!   Help RealJustice enforce fairness and the disclosure of massive corruption.  10 am Supreme Court in the name of Bennett v Cork (regional manager of 'Child Safety').  For more information or to register your intention to come, contact  The more people that turn up for these hearings, to show the magistrate that we are not going to tolerate any more departmental corruption and protection, the better chance of preventing more corruption and chance of protecting these children.

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