In the United States, approximately 500,000 children are taken into the foster care system. Children held in the foster care system are often taken on the testimony and request of a Social worker employed under the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Child Services caseworkers can and do remove children without warrants, without cause, without abuse, and without legal reason to take a child out of the home. Often, these children are not placed in a family relative home. Placement of children with Kin takes months and years to qualify the relative for Kinship Foster Care.

These children are held in the foster system, removed from friends, family and school for up to 15 months before they are placed for adoption. Counties benefit in Federal incentives financially by retaining as many children as possible for adoption under Title IV program. 

Anna Nikolayev, a California Resident, had her child seized by Child Protection Division as a result of her refusal of Medical diagnosis and treatment. Her child under Doctor supervision was removed in an report made by the hospital. Anna Nikolayev was not allowed an investigation or opportunity to show to the acting Caseworker evidence to support the care and medical needs had been placed with a second opinion of diagnosis of a reputable treatment center.

Anna Nikolayev was not warned in advance when the Caseworker arrived at her home with police enforcement escort. Anna Nikolayev was home with her son, Sammy, when the police entered the home and took Sammy from his mother, stating, "We are going to take your baby."

Without a warrant, without investigation, the police and caseworker left with a medically fragile child.

Anna Nikolayev was fortunate to have turned on her own tape recorder and caught the event on film. This video saved her son. He was returned to his parents as a result. 

Help protect families and children. Sign the petition. Help save a child from the foster care system. 

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