Reporting in any format accessible from Australia of details of the former Vatican economy chief’s convictions in a Melbourne court in December was banned by a judge’s suppression order that was only lifted this week.

Over 50 percent of Mullighan Inquiry victims reject government offer

John Rau speaks with Matthew Abraham about the Mullighan Inquiry progressionOver 50 percent of Mullighan Inquiry victims reject government offer

Over half of the victims of abuse whilst under state care identified in the Mullighan Inquiry have refused to lodge claims for ex gratia payments and will seek private settlements from the State Government.

Deputy Premier and Attorney General John Rau told 891 Breakfast this morning that over 100 victims of alleged sexual abuse whilst in state care have rejected the Government's ex gratia payment offer and will launch common law action.

Inside the Pell trial: we sat in court for months, forbidden from reporting a word

For nearly three months a small group of journalists watched as the most powerful Catholic official to be charged with child sexual abuse faced justice in a Melbourne courtroom.

Until now we have been unable to publish a word of what we heard and saw.

Cardinal George Pell, a confidant to the pope and the financial manager of the Vatican, had been on trial for child sexual abuse – not once, but twice.