"Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Beware the mighty CatholiCare"

Catholiccare f4c8bAs foster care evolves once again into yet another unsupervised cashcow, new things come about to predetermine in ones mind, the legitimacy of the adoption operation.

The Communication Book is a very good example of showing the world that NGOs care about the bond between the parent and the carer.

But what happens when parents start writing truths about the care of their child in this communication book, and suggesting that if a carer cannot cope with a child that maybe she should relinquish care?

The Communication Book VANISHES!

And just like that, any form of communication between the carer and the parent cease.  Not only that, the parent is dragged into CatholiCare offices to be rapped over the knuckles (so to speak) for upsetting the carer.  After all, we don't give a flying f**k about the parent - particularly the innocent ones - but god forbid a Carer should be upset with a few home truths about the (lack of) care she is providing for a baby.

In this case, when we state "lack of care"", we mean continual nappy rash, bruising in a direct line across the back of the babies legs, bruising all up his arms, and a lovely little cut on his forehead which had blood seeping through the bandaid. 

In another CatholiCare matter, another parent complaining to the caseworker regarding the lack of care her child was receiving, was told "They're only carers - You can't expect too much from them".

This laxidasical attitude toward children in care is frighteningly reminiscent of times gone by, by exactly the same corporations entrusted back then to care for our children. 

Has Pru Goward even considered the "down the track" necessities of children placed back into care of past abusers?  Has she created any legislation requiring every single piece of paperwork to be kept and supplied to the next generation of victims?  Is there serious jail time for falsification of these records?  For example, CatholiCare are not exactly going to let this parent continue to document the abuse of her child in their own paperwork now are they?  They cannot have that accountability on them this early in the stage, particularly when it happens that the child should never have been removed in the first place as he / she was never at any risk of any form of harm?

What is there to ensure that when these (abused) children age out, that that they will be given easy access to each and every single piece of paper relating to their case, particularly now when things such as the evidence from a Communication Book are already being tampered with.


+4 #1 Childrens AdvocateGuest 2013-11-03 16:07
I would need a month to sit here and write how Catholic Care bullied .. intimidated... persecuted and traumatised the life of a young girl who's siblings were being case managed by Catholic Care. Catholic Care tolerate and condone their Foster Carer abuses..do absolutely nothing about it and cover it up as in ..so does the church itself as we are witnessing.

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