"Barnardo's truth"

Many people like us look up to Barnardo's as an organisation who's aim is to help Children. The truth is far from what is expected :
  • It is the most corrupt of any charity organisation.
  • 80% of the funds it generates goes towards their own expenses and is never passed on to the people for whom they generate
  • They charge for each service they provide although they generate funds for the same.
  • The Baby Massage in Manchester for e.g. the funds for everything including towels comes from various sources however participants are asked to bear the cost of Towels or bring about their own Towels.
  • The counsellors/Case workers do not speak to Muslims and Hindu people and are never ready to take up complaints in the Wytenshawe region.
  • The grant they receive from Manchester City Council is never utilised for the purpose and only fake bills are submitted by employees and the money is equaly shared with the Centre Manager Debbie koroma
  • In the last road show organised by NHS where the Family Action Benchill team participated, only 10 % of the give aways bought for people actually reached the venue. Rest all were divided by the Centre Manager between the teams. 
  • All Toys which are donated to the centre and are in perfect working condition were taken away by Cilla at the Family Action Benchill and new toys were bought in their place to utilise the funds with a huge margin as points generated by these buys were utilised by Cilla for buying her new juicer. 

(Source : http://barnardos-truth.blogspot.com.au/)

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