"The Barnardo’s scam."

Truth: Kidnapping children on the “open” black market, distancing real families and their connections.  Manipulative, fake, going under the guise “in the best interests of the children”.  Always look outside the box in every area of life…

“Barnardo’s are the narcissistic individuals who have had my child for the last year, it’s apparently a last resort adoption agency for children in danger- albiet, my baby was kidnapped at birth, so I was never given a chance to even show that I could be a mother in the first place.

For this reason Iam strongly suspicious and question their motives, and I wonder how they can kidnap and adopt babies and children out based on speculation in regards to what they think may happen in the future.

This type of family annihilation, carnage, and fraudulence is absolutely, 100% evil, callous and extremely inhumane, yet sadly these christian organisations never really died out after the stolen generation.

Barnardo’s is a completely corrupt money driven scam targeting vulnerable individuals (especially young mothers who do not understand how this corrupt system works), and sadly it is not unlike the Department of community services, in-fact, they are actually one in the same as they are a branch and affiliate of DoCs.

They are not a charity there to “help and assist struggling families” (as they so frequently state and seem to pride themselves by). When they say this, they are referring to the foster carers and the child/ren staying with them, not the real families.

They receive mass monetary incentive by the government, yet they continue to place donation boxes around Australia for additional financial incentive, i.e, in doctors surgery’s and the like.

So on top of the large sums of money they are continually attaining for the kidnap of my child and many other children of innocent parents, they are also disguising themselves as a charity and using the unsuspecting public for additional moneyby donations.It’s one of the biggest, most psychopathic, and methodical scams of today – there solely to use children as a means to keep their pursesfull – regardless of where the money came from and how it was attained. They are perpetually and systematically using children for profit and deceiving the public in to thinking that they are there to assist children and families in need, sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.Barnardos is a branch of DoCs, once a child is ready for adoption by Docs standards, they are then moved to these private companies, Barnardo’s being the most common NGO.” - END THE SECRECY!


- IGNORE UNCONSTITUTIONAL ROGUE COURT GAGGING ORDERS…- WE THE PEOPLE OF A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY ARE ALLOWED FREEDOM OF SPEECH…. With corruption at this level, with orders such as these which are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL? All the more incentive for action against injustice! And we’re coming at it full force for all the innocent parents in the community suffering silently, we have heard their cries, we have seen the devastation of children being moved from home to home and the long term effects this instability and tragedy has upon them, and we have seen the cruelty and emotional torment of children being denied the right to know and have their parents in their lives.And now we stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! - HUMAN RIGHTS BEFORE MONETARY INCENTIVE!

- Together we are quickly bringing all injustices “incorporated” to a head… We will see an end this modern day family holocaust, and we will see a sorry day, for our sisters, and brothers, and more then anything, our children who are our future… who we’ve seen destroyed, denied their rights to know and be with their birth parents.


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