"Barnardos have a different vision for the children they kidnap"

turnbll twins sml ad2c7"Barnardos' Vision All children and young people will have caring families, in which they can grow safely and fulfill their potential." Baaaaahaaaaaa.

Not for these kids ... Well they envision then growing up - but in an entirely different family they have chosen for these babies.

At 3pm yesterday, a Coffs Harbour magistrate issued an arrest warrant for the retrieval of two kidnapped babies believed to be in the care of Barnardos.

The babies were illegally taken from a private hospital outside of Brisbane, and nobody has seen them since.

The magistrate previously issued orders that the babies be returned by 3pm yesterday afternoon - or failing that he would issue an arrest warrant.

Barnardos failed to hand over the kidnapped children to their parents, and at 4pm the magistrate issued the warrant, which was delivered to Barnardos shortly thereafter.

Barnardos told the police that they could get the babies from where they were being detained, in Port Macquarie, and after local police drove nearly six hours to retrieve the babies, were informed they were not there.

The parents are now persuing serious indictable offences including kidnap against Barnardos, and as there is no way out - it looks like everybody Australia wide is now going to be aware just what levels these so-called charities will go to, to get their hands on newborn babies so they can sold off for the financial benefit of themselves.

Hey, aren't these guys who Pru Goward wants to give ultimate parental responsibility to?  THEY KIDNAP BABIES.

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