Alecomm's Mission and Core Objectives

Alecomm is a full-wrap around service that provides information and support to families involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) and other child welfare agents including stakeholders (IE CatholiCare, Barnardos, Salvation Army, Life Without Barriers), especially those families facing false or ridiculous accusations of child abuse or neglect; and to provide resources for other interested parties including researchers working to protect natural family rights.  We are a dual-diagnosis service that incorporates a holistic approach in advocating for our clients.

The term CPS includes:

  • Family and Community Services
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Child Safety
  • Department of Families SA
  • WA DCP
  • Family Services
  • and any other terminology used to describe state child protection agencies worldwide.

Other Core Objectives include:

  • To work for the greater good of the community and the government.
  • To advocate on behalf of the Australian community, to ensure that key services and facilities are providedt to the community.
  • To promote and undertake community education in law and the legal system.
  • To implement preventative programs that help minority and disadvantaged groups.
  • To contribute to the development of knowledge and skills on good governance.
  • To work towards reducing cost of expenses and delay in litigation.

  • To provide information to welfare recipients on legislation pertinent to their particular case to enable them to receive correct
    welfare payments that are otherwise being denied by Centrelink staff.
  • To better protect parents and to provide information to help ensure the safety of their children from forced governmental and third party intrusions, and to work with other organisations to help introduce safeguards into our legal system to enable protection of those parents and their children.
  • To provide pertinent information to persons about solicitors and their respective representatives and their ability / non ability to fulfil their required services.
  • To give information to relevent government organisations about misapproriation of funds by other government bodies.

  • To provide less fortunate persons with information regarding the Legal Aid system, and how it is of better financial benefit to their solicitors and lawyers to drag out a court case instead of having the matter sorted with the least amount of litigation - which is in direct conflict with all family law legislation.
  • To reduce teenage and youth depression and suicide caused by abuse from the family courts system, by reducing the amount of frivlolous cases being entered into the family court system.

  • To provide simple and basic information and submissions to other larger corporations which enable them to make a direct impact on our environment by the reduction of every day waste products they supply.
  • To provide information to the public on companies acting inappropriately, investigating and gathering group of information to evidence these matters, and supporting changes to those companies.
  • To act as a spokesperson for the Australian Community in dealing with issues that affect the community as a whole.
  • To ensure that children are not denied government benefits.
  • To act on behalf of legally disabled persons where large corporations such as telecommunications organisations are stealing from their customers or acting fraudulently.

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