Australian government afford single mothers and babies no human rights

2011 REPOST:  This letter we submitted on behalf of a client being denied her basic human rights by our own government.

After reading this, we are sure you will find that there is absolutely no "best interest" of the child anywhere.  Those words mean absolutely nothing, they mean as much as our purported "human rights" do, which is absolutely jack shit.  Please Note: We are still awaiting reply from Ms Goward from Community Services.  If you think that you have ANY HUMAN RIGHTS available to you these days, think again.  We are worse than any third world country, because at least those countries dont claim to have human rights.  Shame on all our lazy government workers who think it's okay to sit by and watch decent human beings be tortured by our own government.

Attn :  Human Rights Commission;
CC:     Legal Aid Appeals;
          Minister for Community Services.

Good Morning,


We hereby apply for immediate reinstatement of legal aid under section 56 of the legal aid commission act, and seek to minimise human rights violations to this mother and her newborn baby.

Whereby Article 14 of the covenant of civil and political rights states "all persons to be equal before the courts", and that "(d) they have the right to be tried in his presence, and to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing; to be informed, if he does not have legal assistance, of this right; and to have legal assistance assigned to him, in any case where the interests of justice so require, and without payment by him in any such case if he does not have sufficient means to pay for it;"

Hooded, handcuffed and violated: Cops force catheterize three year old boy, and man for drug urinalysis

Pierre, SD — In all the years the Free Thought Project has been reporting on police misconduct and government corruption, we’ve seen some vile, horrific, and nightmarish acts committed by those sworn to protect. However, a recent case getting exposed by the ACLU of South Dakota may be one of the most insanely cruel and horrifying acts committed by police in the name of the drug war — and they’re doing it to children too.

Forced catheterization. 

Organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China

Reports of organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other political prisoners in China have raised increasing concern in the international community. According to the reports, political prisoners, mainly Falun Gongpractitioners, are being executed "on demand" in order to provide organs to recipients. The organ harvesting is said to be taking place both as a result of the Chinese Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong and because of the financial incentives available to the institutions and individuals involved in the trade.

Tribunal overturns decision to deport sex creep taxi driver Jagdeep Singh again

ADMINISTRATIVE Appeals Tribunal boss John Logan has thwarted Immigration Minister Peter Dutton by again saving sex creep Jagdeep Singh from deportation — but the battle is not over.

The AAT acting president has overturned a ministerial decision to kick the taxi driver out of Australia.

Justice Logan granted Singh a bridging visa last ­Friday.

Scotland children murdered in paedophile snuff films

Children in Scotland have been filmed being murdered in so-called "snuff movies".

A LEADING charity says often brothers & sisters are made to have sex with each other, & that animals are also involved.

Scots children are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Two leading charities say they have spoken to victims of ritual abuse including rape and murder stretching back decades.

ISIS Releases Statement: We have already smuggled four thousand ISIS fighters into western nations, disguising themselves as refugees, and they will be executing major attacks.

An ISIS jihadist recently made quite a revealing statement: ISIS has already smuggled in four thousand jihadist fighters into Europe, and that they are entering in as refugees. He said that he settled into Turkey and began working on smuggling in Muslim terrorists as small groups into Western nations.

He said that the terrorists came into Europe on cargo ships alongside other refugees. They travel from the Turkish cities of Izmir and Mersin and travel into Europe, mainly Italy. The operative made it very clear that the terrorists intend to make attacks within Europe, especially Italy.

Teacher quits after primary school students threaten to behead her

Frightened teachers at a Sydney primary school have revealed students are showing signs of extreme radicalisation at a young age, saying they have been traumatised by threats of beheading and other violent behaviour.

Students as young as in Year 5 are making the threats and pressuring peers into reading the Koran at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney's southwest, the Daily Telegraph has reported.

Documents given to the newspaper reportedly reveal that at least three staff members have taken stress leave, received counselling and been paid compensation after bullying from Islamic students.

Students as young at 11 have apparently threatened to behead teachers at a public school in Sydney's southwest. Photo: 7 News
One woman reportedly claimed it all got too much for her and she eventually had to quit her job.

She said the final straw was when she received death threats to her family from her year 5 and 6 students, with some saying they would behead her.

Prior to that she claimed she made a number of complaints in 2014 about some of the behaviour in her classroom.

She said she was abused by students when she stopped them from hanging a Syrian flag in the classroom.

The woman also said she was pushed into a corner by several students who then began marching around her chanting the Koran.

Many of the students also reportedly spoke of family members fighting in the war in Syria and pupils would walk out mid-way through a lesson to go and pray.

The woman also reported an instance of bullying during which students would say to that the child being targeted had "betrayed his religion" by "not going to Muslim scripture".

Principal, deputy sacked after excluding female staff members at Sydney high school.

'Come and pray': Parents claim Sydney public school is 'run like a mosque'.  Punchbowl Boys High School principal vows to teach students lesson in Australian values.

She said in an earlier incident a "group of boys had stood around a girl and called her horrible names like dog".

News Corp reports that the woman said her complaints to the NSW Department of Education were simply dismissed.

A spokeswoman for the Education Department did not deny that teachers at the school had been given compensation.

However, she said the department was not aware of any religious-related violence at the school.

“All NSW schools must immediately report all concerns of anti-social and extremist behaviour in NSW schools to a dedicated hotline,” she said to News Corp.

The Department of Education continues to work closely with law enforcement agencies on such matters.

"To maintain effective operations and protect the privacy of students, the department will not identify schools participating in these programs.”

Those students may have since graduated and moved down the road to Punchbowl Boys High.

Recently, the principal of that school Chris Griffiths was fired for refusing to allow the department of education to run a counter-extremism program there to target students at risk of radicalisation.

Robert Patruno replaced Chris Griffiths and his deputy Jemmana Dennaoiu last week after they were swiftly sacked when the government’s deradicalisation program was refused at the predominately Muslim school.

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David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe: Calls to stop anti-vaxxer and flat earther giving Sydney talk

David Wolfe: Flat Earther brings anti-vax message to Australia.

* Nurses, midwives warned not to share anti-vaccination messages.

* THE NSW opposition is calling on the state government to intervene to stop a talk being given by noted anti-vaccination proponent David “Avocado” Wolfe in Sydney.

Opposition health spokesman Walt Secord wants the state to attempt to prevent the International Convention Centre from allowing Mr Wolfe to speak on March 3.

Australia Post CEO paid $5.6 million in 2016

AUSTRALIA Post’s chief executive was paid a total of $5.6 million in 2016, 10 times the salary of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, it has been revealed.

Ahmed Fahour’s salary of $4.4 million and bonus of $1.2 million were revealed by Liberal Senator James Paterson, who released documents provided by Australia Post in response to questions from a Senate committee.

Another five executives earned between $1.8 million and $1.3 million.

Swedish court approves of child marriage

A 14-year-old child bride from Syria came to Sweden and became pregnant with her husband, who is also her cousin. Now a Swedish court has approved of her marriage, because she appears "mature," and for religious and cultural reasons.

The girl was married off to a cousin when she was only twelve years old. In Sweden, she has been placed with his aunt and her family.

Eight year old girl dies of internal bleeding the night after marrying a fourth year old man

An eight-year-old Yemeni girl has died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age, a case that was picked up and spread internationally by English-language news media reviving debate about child brides.

Kuwaiti daily newspaper reported that the young girl named Rawan had died of internal hemorrhaging related to vaginal tearing the night after she was married to a 40-year-old man in northwestern Yemen.

'Named persons' role to start before childbirth

'Parents will become helpless spectators in the lives of their children'.

THE welfare of unborn children will come under scrutiny as part of the Scottish Government’s proposals for a named person for every child in the country. Guidance on the implementation of the legislation, which was published last week, states that the named person could be involved with families and setting up “planning and support” during the last trimester of pregnancy.

The legislation, which is due to come into effect in 2016, covers children from the day they are born up until the age of 18. But the guidance suggests that the named person, chosen by the state, would become involved at an earlier stage – a move that is likely to raise fresh concerns about the prospect of state interference in family life.

Black market body part investigation spreads from Detroit to Chicago

FBI agents raid a lab and crematorium in Shiller park, outside Chicago. The Biological Resource Center of Illinois deals with bodies donated to science - sending cadavers and body parts to medical schools and laboratories for research and training.

Now they say they are under federal investigation for having business dealings with Arthur Rathburn - the former coordinator of the University of Michigan's anatomical donation program from 1984 to 1990.

National black market body parts ring exposed in Michigan

Over the past few years, there has been a conspiracy theory circulating about the illegal trade of body parts. Noted Civil Rights activist and entertainer Dick Gregory has spoken at length on this subject and how the Black community is a victim of the trade. Now, further proof is coming forward that is beginning to lay credence to the claims by Gregory and other activists. Elizabeth Rathburn of Grosse Pointe, Michigan has pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in a US District court as part of an ongoing investigation and criminal case. Rathburn and her husband Arthur Rathburn operated International Biological Inc., known as IBI, and are being accused of selling and renting human remains that were infected with HIV, hepatitis and other diseases to unsuspecting medical and dental customers for research and training.

Historical past injustices? ... DOCS give parental responsibility OF NEARLY 20 CHILDREN and five million dollars of tax payer funding to another child sex offender

Quote from your own site (Hunter Aboriginal Services) ......... "We are accountable to our community and make every effort to ensure our work is transparent. We recognise these PAST injustices and that the assimilation policies and practices of child welfare authorities were aimed exclusively at our people under the guise of 'protection'.  The effects continue to be felt in the lives of Aboriginal children, families and communities today." (View Quote)

Well thank you for the update.

Due to people like Steven LARKINS, recent CEO of your HACS, the crimes are continuing to be perpetrated, in league with the corruption and mismanagement of the current CPS and affiliated organisations.  SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME. 

This is the same man who is supposed to have served on the expert panel of the government's 'KEEP THEM SAFE' response to THE WOOD REPORT. Child sex offender on the Expert Panel advising Child Protection Services, is this a joke!

2,600 dead within weeks after declared fit for work by Centrelink

The horrific death toll is revealed by Figures released by the Department of human services. Around 100 people per month have been dying, shortly after being ruled well enough to take a job.

There are many thousands more who have been forced into a situation that is having some form of detrimental effect on their health. This is a scandal too.

Some critics are demanding an inquiry. The controversial assessment process is being blamed. It is based on a table that lists a number of possible disabilities that might show a degree of incapacity to work. This is further refined through a number of sub-categories that carry with them a given weight in points. Then the person involved has to reach a minimum of 20 points to be considered for disability support.

On face value it may seem to some that this is a fair enough approach. It is not. In the first place, it is far too restrictive. At the bottom, it is heavily weighted towards visible physical disability. Many disabilities are not readily visible. Even those that are, generally have aspects that are not visible. Many do not fall neatly into the categories and sub-categories. Thus people not fit for work are assessed as fit for work.

This is no accident. It is clear from government policies and Centrelink procedures that there is an overriding to reduce the number of people receiving disability support. One just has to look at the increasing number of hoops and the introduction of activity agreements where the disabled already receiving benefits are compelled to move towards employment. The pressure is to join the ranks of a rising cheap labour force.

An assessment problem that primarily works as a means to minimise the number accepted, rather than placing health needs in first place, fits in well with the existing punitive policy.

In this case an inquiry is not really needed. There needs to be a change in policy. The present assessment procedure needs to be scrapped and replaced with one that puts the needs of the person being assessed in the first place. Is this too much to ask?

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ISIS bans women from wearing burkas after chiefs attacked by veiled assassins

ISIS has backflipped on a decree ordering all women to wear burkas.

In a bizarre turn of events, Islamic State fighters are now banning women from wearing burkas in security centres in the northern Iraqi city of Monsul and have declared the full-face veils are now a security risk. According to The Express, an insider told Al Alam News Network that terrorist chiefs had changed their mind following a string of attacks on ISIS commanders by women wearing burkas and niqabs in recent months.

The muslim world is a permanent refugee crisis

It’s never going to stop unless we shut the door.

Forget the Syrian Civil War for a moment. Even without the Sunnis and Shiites competing to give each other machete haircuts every sunny morning, there would still be a permanent Muslim refugee crisis. 

The vast majority of civil wars over the last ten years have taken place in Muslim countries. Muslim countries are also some of the poorest in the world. And Muslim countries also have high birth rates.

Combine violence and poverty with a population boom and you get a permanent migration crisis.

Trump’s Muslim Ban Not Only Constitutional But Has Been the Law Since 1952

Well, well, well. All of Trump’s opponents except for Ted Cruz and all establishment republicans, all liberals and the entire media have gotten it wrong and it turns out Trump has the law behind him in banning Muslim “refugees”. Not only does the president have the absolute right to keep Muslims and Islamists out of the country, he has the moral duty to do so. Of course, that doesn’t work with Obama since he has no morals.

A list of hate quotes from the Quran

From JihadWatch (September 14) — Does the Quran teach hate? Let’s see:

2:65 Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes

“And well you know there were those among you [Jews] that transgressed the Sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be you apes, miserably slinking!’

2:89 Unbelievers, particularly Jews, are accursed

“When there came to them [Jews] a Book from Allah, confirming what was with them — and they aforetimes prayed for victory over the unbelievers — when there came to them that they recognized, they disbelieved in it; and the curse of Allah is on the unbelievers.

2:191-193 Fight and kill unbelievers until “religion is Allah’s,” i.e. Islamic law rules all societies

“And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers.”