CPS got called on me by the hospital my son was hospiliazed in.

Let's see if I can make this short ... CPS got called on me by the hospital my son was hospiliazed in. They said im medically neglecting my son, im not feeding him 😂🖕😒 that he's failure to thrive and he's in danger because all of this is considered child abuse. First of all, he's now at 3%, he's gaining weight, he's AHEAD of his milestone (no signs of mental abuse or physical abuse) they did a whole investigation ... we are now facing the courts. They want me to drug test every day until my marijuana levels go down (even tho in California WEED IS LEGAL... guess they don't care) even the workers at the drug testing think it's bullshit I'm coming EVERY FUCKING DAY TO TEST. They say my levels are going up and down which is bullshit. They're accusing me of smoking when I'm not. They know I have a medical card yet want to ignore my medical needs. I say the report and there's a lot of false information. We don't have proof.. which is the worst part. Hospital claims my son had a POSSIBLE.... keyword POSSIBLE soy and milk allergy...hence why I never went back to them and found a new doctor.... they still called child services on me. 🖕🖕 Im fucking pissed... im not enjoying my baby at all cause I'm just stressed out... I'm suppose to be enjoying my family but feels like I'm walking on egg shells... i don't want to fuck up so they don't take my son away from me. I'm depressed but can't tell them that other wise they'll use it agasint me. I'm stressed out. I'm at my breaking point. They're fucking with me...i don't even know if it's legal to sue them and the hospital for distress and false accusations without proof... the only proof we have our My word and my bfs but since we smoke pot we are looked as drug addicts 😓😓

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