"Mother claims complaints about foster carer were ignored"

 Photo: Three children allegedly abused by a Hunter Valley foster carer. (Supplied by family) Map: Newcastle 2300The mother of three children allegedly abused by their foster carer near Newcastle says her repeated complaints to welfare officials about their care were ignored.

The 47-year-old foste r carer is charged with three counts of assault, as well as possessing a gun and drugs.

Police documents tendered in court this week allege the woman acted deliberately and frequently "whacked" the children with a stick, egg flip and belt, and put socks in their mouths while they were hit.

Police say all three had bruises, with doctors unable to count them all on one child.

The children's mother has told the ABC she had domestic violence issues when her children were taken.

She says she complained to welfare officials after several access visits with them.

"I tried to tell them months ago that my kids, on my visits, were telling me they were getting abused," she said.

But she doubts welfare officials took her complaints about the woman seriously.

"I'd spoken to DoCS previously about what my children were saying to me when I had visits with them," she said.

"Children in foster care ‘still being sexually and physically abused by their foster parents’"

Girls stand on the verandah of the Hay Institution for girls circa 1960. Picture: Supplied Source: News Corp Australia

CHILDREN in foster care are still being sexually and physically abused by their foster parents, a high-ranking official in the Department of Family and Community Services has revealed today.

Katie Alexander, whose job is to make things better for children and young people, said there had been failings and that she was aware that abuse did occur despite tough screening of foster parents and other carers and high levels of supervision.

She told the royal commission into institutionalised responses to child sex abuse that the horrors of the Parramatta Girls School and the Hay Institution for girls were not the only government-run places where children had been abused in the past.

There would be “other stories” coming before the commission, Ms Alexander said.

"Should child neglect and abuse be a criminal offence?"

 Should it be an Criminal Offence for parents and carers who emotionally abuse and neglect their children?

 We’ve seen some terrible examples of child neglect and abuse in the Media recently.

 According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, there were 54,438 substantiations of abuse in Australia in 2013-2014. Of that, 26,215 were in NSW.

 However, these numbers are considered to be a “conservative estimate” (Bromfield & Higgins, 2004) due to the under reporting caused by things such as: the private nature of child abuse and neglect, the difficulty in children disclosing the abuse, as well as lack of evidence. Actual cases of child abuse and neglect may be significantly higher.

 Broken down, the number of emotional abuse (39%) and neglect (28%) make over 67 % of all the substantiations recorded in that period.

From Foster Care to Prison Care

In New South Wales (Australia) an inmate health survey reported that 23 percent of women and 21 percent of men had been in care before they were sixteen years old. *a

Source : *a Butler T, Milner L The 2001 New South Wales Inmate Health Survey. Sydney. Corrections Health Service. ISBN: 0 7347 3560 X. 2003.


Foster Care excerpt from Wikipedia

Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward is placed in the private home of a state certified caregiver referred to as a "foster parent".

The state via the family court and child protection agency stand in loco parentis to the minor, making all legal decisions while the foster parent is responsible for the day to day care of said minor. The foster parent is remunerated by the state for their services.

Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until a permanent placement can be made:[1]

  • Reunification with the biological parent(s)
  • When it is deemed in the child's best interest.
  • Adoption
  • Permanent transfer of guardianship

Domestic Violence Overload on Foster Care

There is currently an enormous amount of children being removed from their homes because of domestic violence.  However there is no such evidence that the mother has ever harmed a hair on their child so why is the Department of Community Services putting these children into foster care, with a life sentence on them until they are eighteen years of age?

What happens when these children are taken from their families is that DOCs then seek authorisation from the Childrens Courts to have Parental Care of the child until they are eighteen years of age, and once they (easily) obtain this status, they give the mothers no more than 6 x 2 hour visits with their children each year --- FOR EIGHTEEN YEARS.

Institutional and Out of Care Outcomes - So the Question Is "Is Foster Care Really Child Protection or Child Abuse" ?

  • 42% of Australia’s homeless youth have a ‘protective care’ history 1
  • Half of all care leavers experience homelessness within the first 12 months of leaving ‘care’ 2
  • Once homeless, care leavers are unable to return to home for the same reasons which led to them being removed from or relinquished by their families in the first instance 3
  • Subsequent to entering the juvenile justice system, 90 % of ‘protective care’ clients will graduate to the adult criminal justice system 4
  • 65% of the Victorian female prisoner population have a ‘protective care’ history 5
  • 1 in 3 females will leave the ‘protective care’ system at age 16 pregnant or already with a child 6
  • 53 % of care leavers report being unlawfully physically assaulted by so called ‘carers’whist in ‘care’ 7
  • 29 % of care leavers report having been sexually abused by a staff member of the facility / placement they resided in 8
  • 16 of a sample of 30 young people involved in commercial sexual activity in inner city Melbourne and St Kilda had a ‘protective care’ history. All were drug addicted, and first commercially sexually violated whilst in so called ‘protective care’ 9
  • 22 of the sample were first commercially sexually violated prior to the legal age of consent to sexual activity without restriction to age of partners (n = 18 aged 14 yrs, n = 4 aged 12 yrs) 10
  • Children who are commercially sexually violated are not prostitutes. They are victims of sexual assault 11
  • 1 in 3 care leavers attempt suicide 12

Strawberry Hills Child Protection Officers support Drink Driver Druggo Foster Carers

DoCS Strawberry Hills has just funded a nice new vehicle for a foster carer convicted of drink driving just recently for the third time.  Yes you heard it right, the foster carer has been charged with drink driving three times and still has the kids.  Now Child Protection Officers are enabling this drunk who has children in his care to drink drive more often.

Would it surprise you to know that this offender has numerous drug charges also, yet the children remain in his care, whilst the child protection officers who are fully aware of the criminals record, find it appropriate to give other members of the family the usual four one hour visits per year, supervised at a local docs office.  Also note these family members have never done a thing wrong except try and protect their children, do not have criminal records and were more than appropriate caregives for the children until DOCs CSC and Strawberry Hills decided that the children were much better off with abusive carers.

Congratulations Strawberry Hills, you are the docs officers of the month!  What a croc!  You ARE BREAKING THE LAW and MUST BE PUNISHED ... Considering Section 246 of the Child and Young Persons Care and Protection Act (Separation of children and young persons from offenders) States :

 (1) A child or young person who is in the care responsibility of the Director-General or in the parental responsibility of the Minister under this Act must not be accommodated in:

(a) premises for the accommodation of persons who have committed offences, or
(b) premises for the accommodation of persons who are on remand awaiting proceedings in respect of offences alleged to have been committed by them.

"I am allowed to play with myself - because my foster carer does it to me too!" - How DoCS Cover Sexual Abuse by Foster Carers

This excerpt is from the Memorandum of Understanding Between NSW Police and Department of Community Services dated 2006.  It explains the differences between the roles of the NSW Police and that of NSW Department of Community Services.  It is very clear that the role of the police is to investigate and the role of community services is to gather information.

So our question is why does the Department of Community Services continually prevent JIRT from doing their job, and exposing sexual assaults on children and young person in care?

DoCS continally state the evidence did not meet the reportable threshold, whilst the child has told the teacher that they are allowed to play with themselves because the foster carer plays with them too.  Could somebody please tell us how the f*%k this is not reportable?   And if you don't believe this to be true, just have a look at the reply that was received stating it wasnt.