The Houston, Texas group known as the Houston MassResistance activists have exposed a second "drag queen" as a convicted child sex offender, who was involved in reading stories to children at a local library.

LifeSite News reports the man was convicted of multiple sexual assaults against four young children (ages 4, 5, 6, and 8) in 2004. He was incarcerated and is listed as a "high-risk sex offender."

The man was part of a local drag queen group called the "Space City Sisters" who were invited by the Houston Public Library to read stories to little children during an event promoted as "Drag Queen Story Hour." The convicted sex offender served as a greeter for the event, according to LifeSite News. The activists also uncovered that the man had worked as a transgender prostitute and a porn actor.

In March, the MassResistance activists also found another drag queen reading to children during a story time hour was also a sex offender. 

Library officials later apologized for failing to conduct a background check on men who read to children at an event hosted by drag queens, according to MSN

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