"I am allowed to play with myself - because my foster carer does it to me too!" - How DoCS Cover Sexual Abuse by Foster Carers

This excerpt is from the Memorandum of Understanding Between NSW Police and Department of Community Services dated 2006.  It explains the differences between the roles of the NSW Police and that of NSW Department of Community Services.  It is very clear that the role of the police is to investigate and the role of community services is to gather information.

So our question is why does the Department of Community Services continually prevent JIRT from doing their job, and exposing sexual assaults on children and young person in care?

DoCS continally state the evidence did not meet the reportable threshold, whilst the child has told the teacher that they are allowed to play with themselves because the foster carer plays with them too.  Could somebody please tell us how the f*%k this is not reportable?   And if you don't believe this to be true, just have a look at the reply that was received stating it wasnt.


+6 #2 Guest 2011-02-19 21:18
What sort of evil people are our children being entrusted to under the guise of Child Protection...ch ildren being sexually abused in care of the state is rife. The above story is SICK and the Dpt is totally negligent and in total breach of the Child Protection ACT.

And as for the BREAKING NEWS on the front page of Alecomm relating to Lawyers mentioning the fact during children's court matters that the parents are commenting on support forums and PROTESTING against the insanity of the way in which Community Services NSW is operating in corruption mode, that these people should be condemned for doing what all protesters throughout history have done and that is to air the truths of poor and improper government standards.

These parents who are speaking out after suffering greatly on human levels are HERO's.

The Lawyers and Caseworkers are acting like Predatory Leeches intimidated by Protesters giving up their game.
+7 #1 Guest 2011-02-18 21:21
My My ....What A Web They Weave When They Lie And Decieve.

Why wouldn't this OUT OF CONTROL ... Child Stealing Ring ( Community Services/Human Services NSW )cover up sexual abuse of children in care.

They LIE ... They STEAL... Abuse Families and their Children
Comitt Perjury... Abuse Tax Payer Funds... And the Corruption is widely accepted right throughout this stinking system in NSW. THE CORRUPTION IS SERIOUSLY ENTRENCHED.

All in the name of the almighty dollar...this is why they COVER UP THE SEXUAL ABUSES OF CHILDREN IN CARE OF THE STATE OF NSW.

Money Money Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Glorified Prostitutes is what our Government Public Service Employees are. No More and No Less

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