Bringing forth a consolidated front

In this fight to keep children from being kidnapped by CPS we often hear that we need a united front. We believe this to be the best line of strategy also. This does not mean united with everybody who pretends to be on our side, but it does mean we should be United with everyone that is aiming for the same goal that parents are.

Stopping the children from being ripped from their homes starts with making this a united front of a fight for parents rights to have families. This means all who are in this fight should be fighting for parents that are present and ready for their children to be home with them or to stay home with them.

This fight for parents rights to have families include the rights for the parents to have grandparents around for their children.

(Getting Rid of Foster Care )

Now this fight for parents rights to have families includes when the parents have somehow been excluded as being able to care for their children at the moment, then blood relatives are the only ones that are in line to care for the children.

(When a Child Has No Famly Available )

Short of blood relative Comes The Next Step Up an already-established and willing and able person that has a long-standing relationship with that child that is prepared to care for that child until a blood relative is available to step in.

(Family Members Rights To Contact With Children)

Grandparents, you should fight for your right to be family and that does not come from our government. That comes from your family. If you want to be involved in your grandchildren's lives you have to hope that their parents see fit to have you there. Cousins uncles aunts the same thing.

Siblings, you can claim your right to your brothers and sisters and for their company when they're willing. Now this is the united front that we need to battle this monster.

(Who Is On Our Side?)

Anybody that's fighting for any other fight, and not for parents rights to have family, is not fighting the same fight that we are. So there you have it, that will be the united front that will be a formidable foe against this gargantuan monster.

(The Path To A Brighter Future)

At this point in time it has become painfully obvious that there is no "dealing with" or "working with" any of the Child Protective Services or their providers to come up with a solution to the problem of Kinapping of Our Children by these Thugs and Associates of CPS.

All of the years attempting this has not been in vain as it
is a learning process.


Come we now this conclusion, that either individuals and entities are completely supportive of our desire and actions toward achieving a true climate in our society as a whole, in which Parental Rights to have family is genuinely respected and protected, or they are against the ideal.

Those who do not understand this, value this, and participate in achieving this, are not only obstacles and stumbling blocks, but tripwires and booby traps, set against our lawful and righteous movement to restore Two Parents Only as the standard for Family in our world as a whole.

Understand this and watch our efforts begin to maximize in progress.

"Fence sitters" and people who coddle to "both sides" are really only on one side, and it is not ours.

Thank You Very Much
Lawrence Espinoza

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