Statistical Evidence: Gumshoe’s Family Court Survey

This article contains the replies to the survey that I conducted from November 5 to December 16, 2018.  What I was seeking to find is an explanation for the anecdotal reports of unfathomable behavior by the authorities regarding the removal of a child from an apparently good parent.

I was hoping to make some sense of the oft-heard complaint that even where there is good evidence of child abuse, the Family Court orders the child to be placed with the abuser, or in foster care.

Eye-watering costs of family law disputes

And the wealthy — rich enough to fight every procedural point — are soaking up more court resources, blowing out court waiting times for low-to-middle-income Australians desperate to finalise their cases.

An appetite is building within the Federal Government to crack down on outrageous gouging by lawyers, who are being accused of getting flush from family misery.

Dad burns daughter alive in bitter custody battle

Editors notes: Zoey Pereira, 3, burned to death by her father
Abusers job or title:: Father
According to the New York Daily News,Pereira was in a bitter custody dispute with the child’s mother Cherone Coleman, 36. Coleman allowed Zoey to visit with her father this past weekend, and now that decision will haunt her for the rest of her life.  “I always thought he was going to hurt me, I never thought he was going to hurt my daughter,” the grieving mother said.
Abuser Name or Alias:: Martin Pereira
Abusers Organisation:: Family Court
Type of Abuse:: Physical, Death
Matter Resolved?: No, Ongoing

Removal of child from good mum traceable to corrupt female police officer

Two Hours on Computer

Female police officer disgraces the South Australian Police for corrupting two child abuse investigations, and acting against a child.

The child “must always be listened
to, believed, and investigated
before anything else.”

— Interagency Code of Practice

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, October 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — After a South Australian mother reported an injury on her daughter last year (2018), the female police officer that took over the investigation made no attempt to investigate the injury. The police officer (code-name ‘Demeter’) not only stalled and corrupted two investigations into child sexual abuse and assault, she colluded with the perpetrator.

The mother is about to release a book on her case — with the book coming out early September 2019.

We reported on this officer back in July, and again in August as further evidence was gathered to substantiate the extent of the malfeasance in this case.

Family law inquiry is no sop to Hanson. It's a deliberate move to bury previous reviews

Pauline HansonTwo big inquiries have recommended sweeping changes to put children’s safety – instead of parents’ rights – back at the centre of the system.

At first, I presumed, like many others, that the government’s recently announced inquiry into the family law system was an exercise in pure politics – a sop to Senator Pauline Hanson and her constituency of angry white men. Nothing would come of it, as nothing has come from the two big inquiries that preceded it. Another report to languish in a drawer.

But on close reading of those two inquiries – one from the House of Representatives, the other from the Australian Law Reform Commission – I see I was wrong. This new inquiry is not just cynical horse-trading. It is, I believe, a deliberate move by the government to bury the findings of the two inquiries it commissioned.

The system in a state of crisis: the reforms needed to fix family law in Australia

The Australian family law system is to be overhauled.Panel members stand side by side in conference room.

Family law experts describe the current family law system "the system in a state of crisis".

Following the federal election, returning Attorney-General Christian Porter announced that his highest priority will be the structural reform of the family law courts.

What reforms are required to meet the needs of Australian families?

'My husband abused me for ten years - and HE won custody of our children'

'I was told by countless institutions that I wouldn't lose my children - but I did'.

A woman who suffered domestic abuse for over a decade before fleeing her home has said there needs to be 'more transparency' in family courts to protect victims of domestic violence.

Emma Swann*, 40, fled from her family home, with her two daughters aged 9 and 10, to Sleaford in February last year after suffering from emotional, financial and psychological abuse that lasted for 12 years.

‘A gendered trap’: When mothers allege child abuse by fathers, the mothers often lose custody, study shows

Hera McLeod weeps as she looks at pictures of her deceased son, Prince, in 2013. (Mary F. Calvert/FTWP)Right: Hera McLeod weeps as she looks at pictures of her deceased son, Prince, in 2013. (Mary F. Calvert/FTWP)

Collusion and Corruption in Family Law

One of the sickest jokes of the whole fiasco of the government inquiry into child custody, which reported on December 29th 2003, was the sight of the Family and Community Services Committee members warning the Chief Justice of the Family Court Alastair Nicholson to accept the report.

While fathers and family law reformers were visceral in their contempt, in the end Nicholson, the living embodiment to many of everything wrong with family law, was one of the report's only supporters.  And why wouldn't he embrace the report?

It set out, with clear collusion between the major political parties to protect the appalling legacy of the hated Family Court of Australia.  It ignored the personal and social consequences of the conduct of Family Court judges. It ignored the massive bias in the system. It ignored the many moving tales of distress from fathers, second wives, grandparents and non-custodial mothers.

Placing children with the parent that abused them: The problematic theory of parental alienation

An unproven–and mostly discredited–theory is encouraging family court judges to award custody–against children’s wishes–to the parent that has been accused of harming them. Moreover, this theory of “parental alienation” has “spawned a cottage industry of so-called family reunification camps that are making big profits from broken families.” That’s the message of a stunning report by the Center for Investigative Journalism aired on public radio’s Reveal program.

The Reveal broadcast focused on two custody cases in which the judge ordered children placed against their will with the parent that they claimed was abusive. In one case, the judge sent a teenage boy to juvenile detention because he was not making sufficient efforts to get along with his mother. He and his sister were then sent to live with their father and allowed no contact with their mother for a period of  three years. In the other case, a fourteen-year old girl who said her mother was emotionally abuse and wanted to live with her father was sent to a “reunification camp” for ten months at her parents’ expense. Her mother was given full custody and the teen was separated from her father father for four years.  The judges in both cases based their decisions on a theory called “parental alienation.”

Canberra boy Bradyn Dillon begged not to be sent back into the care of father, who later killed him

Abusers job or title:: Father of Braydn Dillon

Bradyn DillonBradyn Dillon was murdered by his father Graham in February 2016.

The mother of murdered Canberra boy Bradyn Dillon says her son begged not to be sent back into the custody of his father, whose brutal bashings would culminate in his death.

How domestic abusers get custody in family court

How Good Mothers Lose their Children

Seven people are in court at the moment for spraying a three-year-old boy with acid as the father wanted to prove that the mother was unfit and unable to care for the child properly and he should have more time with the boy. This may seem very extreme—to hurt your own child to fabricate evidence against a woman to show how much you love the child. However, this is more the norm in Family Court than otherwise, with fathers doing anything they can to hurt the mother of their children.