The system in a state of crisis: the reforms needed to fix family law in Australia

The Australian family law system is to be overhauled.Panel members stand side by side in conference room.

Family law experts describe the current family law system "the system in a state of crisis".

Following the federal election, returning Attorney-General Christian Porter announced that his highest priority will be the structural reform of the family law courts.

What reforms are required to meet the needs of Australian families?

AFP dead wrong! Statistics prove jilted mothers not lying and caselaw proves family courts protect paedophiles

It's a shame that mainstream medias’ (so-called) journalists followed suit like a bunch of lackeys, when they all jumped on the "criminal syndicate kidnapping children" bandwagon - instead of doing their own homework.

Though we are sick of hearing both women and men actually believing the rubbish mainstream media dribbles, it is a tad frustrating when people aren't smart enough to consider for one moment that what they're being told is a blatant lie, or refuse to budge from their perception of "it's another nasty woman getting back at her ex-husband".

What is the law and penalties for child abduction and kidnapping charges in NSW?

Last week, the Australian Federal Police cracked an underground parental abduction ring following a two-year investigation into the group that allegedly helped jilted mothers to abduct and hide their own children across Australia. Three men and a woman were arrested and charged for their alleged role in the kidnapping syndicate, which organised and financed the children’s snatching with plans to even use a yacht to smuggle them to New Zealand. The network managed to evade detection for a decade.

Among those charged include William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, a 64-year-old doctor from Grafton in NSW who is reported to have founded the Australian Anti-Paedophile Party. The party ran senate candidates in the 2016 federal election.

Collusion and Corruption in Family Law

One of the sickest jokes of the whole fiasco of the government inquiry into child custody, which reported on December 29th 2003, was the sight of the Family and Community Services Committee members warning the Chief Justice of the Family Court Alastair Nicholson to accept the report.

While fathers and family law reformers were visceral in their contempt, in the end Nicholson, the living embodiment to many of everything wrong with family law, was one of the report's only supporters.  And why wouldn't he embrace the report?

It set out, with clear collusion between the major political parties to protect the appalling legacy of the hated Family Court of Australia.  It ignored the personal and social consequences of the conduct of Family Court judges. It ignored the massive bias in the system. It ignored the many moving tales of distress from fathers, second wives, grandparents and non-custodial mothers.

Family courts are like Auschwitz - You will be called by your initials before being lead to the Gas Chambers

Image result for gas chambers naziYesterday I accompanied a distressed friend as moral support to a family court in Mullingar’s temporary courthouse, which is a GAA clubhouse converted for court business but looks more like an office building in a 1930’s Nazi concentration camp from the outside and had all the trappings of a Nazi concentration camp on the inside.

Prime minister will apologize to institutional sex abuse victims

Family Court “Infinitely Worse”: “Small Army of Kids…Helpless to Escape”

“[E]ven while [Prime Minister Morrison apologizes], there is a small army of children who…are living with someone of whom they are terrified...[T]here are systemic failures [in Family Court] that break the chain of protection around each child, leaving them not only vulnerable to sexual abuse but also helpless to escape it.”
- Amanda Gearing, journalist and broadcaster

On Monday, October 22, 2018, six years after parliament decided to hold a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Australia’s new prime minister, Scott Morrison, is going to make an apology to the many victims.

However, even while he is speaking, there is a small army of children who even today are living with someone of whom they are terrified.

Ten years ago, a child of seven left a phone message on my answering machine, delivering a plea so heart-breakingly desperate that it still resonates in my ears.

How domestic abusers get custody in family court

How Good Mothers Lose their Children

Seven people are in court at the moment for spraying a three-year-old boy with acid as the father wanted to prove that the mother was unfit and unable to care for the child properly and he should have more time with the boy. This may seem very extreme—to hurt your own child to fabricate evidence against a woman to show how much you love the child. However, this is more the norm in Family Court than otherwise, with fathers doing anything they can to hurt the mother of their children.

How many children are court-ordered into unsupervised contact with an abusive parent after divorce?


According to a conservative estimate by experts at the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence (LC), more than 58,000 children a year are ordered into unsupervised contact with physically or sexually abusive parents following divorce in the United States. This is over twice the yearly rate of new cases of childhood cancer. 

Experts at the LC consider the crisis in our family courts to constitute a public health crisis. Once placed with an abusive parent or forced to visit, children will continue to be exposed to parental violence and abuse until they reach 18. Thus, we estimate that half a million children will be affected in the US at any point of time. Many of these children will suffer physical and psychological damage which may take a lifetime to heal.

Family law system may need royal commission scrutiny, Chief Justice John Pascoe says

royal commission into family law should be considered if reforms currently underway do not address serious failings in the system, according to the outgoing Chief Justice of the Family Court.

Chief Justice John Pascoe has told the National Family Law Conference in Brisbane family law had become increasingly complex.

Earlier this year, Attorney-General Christian Porter announced plans to merge the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, promising it would ease the significant delays and costs for people stuck in the system.

Family Court merger plan dealt fatal blow before election

A controversial Morrison government plan to merge the Family and Federal Circuit courts before the federal election has been dealt a fatal blow and would be torn up if Labor wins office.

Attorney-General Christian Porter failed to win crossbench senators' support to bring the bill to a vote on Wednesday, the final sitting day of the Senate before the federal election.

Attorney-General Christian Porter failed to win crossbench support for a vote on his Family Court merger bill.Attorney-General Christian Porter failed to win crossbench support for a vote on his Family Court merger bill.  CREDIT:ALEX ELLINGHAUSEN

Children are reliable and truthful in their evidence of being abused

The legal presumption in the Courts of Australia is that the evidence given by children is reliable and truthful. This is embodied in various ways in the Evidence Acts of the Commonwealth and the respective States and Territories.

The presumption is not rebuttable and only a judicial officer can determine whether the evidence given by a particular child or young person may not be reliable in a particular case.

The M List

The M list referred to by the family Court is not about truth or justice. It is not about protecting abused children. It is a game, designed to create money for the people working there.

The court is the meeting place that hand delivers children to abusers and pedophiles.

The court is like an ocean, the independent children's lawyers, barristers, judges are sharks 🦈 They look for the small fishes, the ones who are bleeding and devour them.

If a child is under the age of twelve, it doesn't matter how much faith you have or how hard you fight to protect them you can't. Our law does not allow protective parents to protect their children.
This is a game you can't win.

If I didn’t witness what happens behind these corrupt walls, I wouldn't of believed it.

Wolves do hide in sheep's clothing.   And their lair is the courtroom.