AFP dead wrong! Statistics prove jilted mothers not lying and caselaw proves family courts protect paedophiles

It's a shame that mainstream medias’ (so-called) journalists followed suit like a bunch of lackeys, when they all jumped on the "criminal syndicate kidnapping children" bandwagon - instead of doing their own homework.

Though we are sick of hearing both women and men actually believing the rubbish mainstream media dribbles, it is a tad frustrating when people aren't smart enough to consider for one moment that what they're being told is a blatant lie, or refuse to budge from their perception of "it's another nasty woman getting back at her ex-husband".

While you're considering not reading the end of this article because it doesn't suit your current thoughts on things, here's a few points to mull over whilst the real story gets hidden.

  1. One mainstream media wrote “Pensioners and professionals are believed to be part of the syndicate, which allegedly used encrypted messages in order to avoid detection”.  "Syndicate"?  Really?  If the family court sent your children to live with or have unsupervised access with a paedophile, what would you do to help them?  Any decent human being would help, and criminalising the good guys and covering for the real criminals is an absolutely gutless act. 
  2. If mainstream media weren't so pathetic, they would do the research the staff at Alecomm have and discover, that the Australian Government and Family Law Courts routinely give paedophiles and convicted sex offenders access to their child-victims. [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6].  And let’s not forget Abbey who commit suicide after her father was charged for sexually assaulting her friend – That man had been convicted and jailed for molesting her friend - but had proclaimed his innocence and had been granted regular unsupervised access to Abby, in which he was able to repeatedly rape her. [7]

AFP linked to family court paedophilia, as concerns amongst the community grow.

Operation Noetic is not about a "Criminal Syndicate Abducting Children".  It is about paedophilia and the family court supporting it, instead of keeping our children safe. It's about magistrates and court experts and independent independent children's representatives continually making recommendations that a child spend time with a person who has been convicted of child sex abuse, or where the court has found overwhelming evidence of it, or where the paedophile has already admitted it.

It's about placing children in hostile situations, where they have already disclosed being sexually abused, and the protective parent told that if they do not encourage the relationship between the paedophile and their child-victim, that they will be seen as an uncooperating parent - and lose custody of their child.

It is about the public ignorantly believing, that after all these royal commissions, that the government actually cares about children and would never put them in harms way.  It is about children being disbelieved and called liars or kids with great imaginations, because the magistrate has an overwhelming desire to place the child in harms way with a good chance they will be repeatedly sexually assaulted by those in power purporting to care and protect them.

The reason we are still having royal commissions and apologies these days, is because we ignored the children those adults once were.  We called them liars and punished them for making up stories about such wonderful people (priests, scout-leaders, nuns etc).

The Australian Federal Police arrests of Patrick O'Dea and Dr William Russell Pridgeon and the protective mothers’ is an absolute abomination. 

Patrick and Russell have risked everything including their freedom to help prevent children from being sexual assaulted.  They're not a criminal syndicate, they're wonderful human beings acting with much humanity that our governments have never ever shown it's victims.  NOBODY I mean NOBODY would risk a 25 year prison term just to get back at asomeone else's ex.

What is the law and penalties for child abduction and kidnapping charges in NSW?

Last week, the Australian Federal Police cracked an underground parental abduction ring following a two-year investigation into the group that allegedly helped jilted mothers to abduct and hide their own children across Australia. Three men and a woman were arrested and charged for their alleged role in the kidnapping syndicate, which organised and financed the children’s snatching with plans to even use a yacht to smuggle them to New Zealand. The network managed to evade detection for a decade.

Among those charged include William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, a 64-year-old doctor from Grafton in NSW who is reported to have founded the Australian Anti-Paedophile Party. The party ran senate candidates in the 2016 federal election.

Prime minister will apologize to institutional sex abuse victims

Family Court “Infinitely Worse”: “Small Army of Kids…Helpless to Escape”

“[E]ven while [Prime Minister Morrison apologizes], there is a small army of children who…are living with someone of whom they are terrified...[T]here are systemic failures [in Family Court] that break the chain of protection around each child, leaving them not only vulnerable to sexual abuse but also helpless to escape it.”
- Amanda Gearing, journalist and broadcaster

On Monday, October 22, 2018, six years after parliament decided to hold a Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Australia’s new prime minister, Scott Morrison, is going to make an apology to the many victims.

However, even while he is speaking, there is a small army of children who even today are living with someone of whom they are terrified.

Ten years ago, a child of seven left a phone message on my answering machine, delivering a plea so heart-breakingly desperate that it still resonates in my ears.

Mothers labelled as delusional by courts

COURTS are giving alleged sex abuser fathers custody of their children in Tasmania, a child protection expert says.

Mothers alleging such abuse are being declared mentally ill or delusional and to be the "dangerous parent", according to Professor Freda Briggs, a former Scotland Yard child protection officer who visited the Coast in September.

"Having recently spent time in Tasmania, I am concerned that no-one appears to be protecting very young children from father-child incest when there is a case pending in the Family Court or a Family Court order is in place," Prof Briggs said in a letter to Premier Lara Giddings in December.

Mothers 'labelled dangerous'