What really are the Issues with DOCs ??

We're constantly amazed at how many people easily state that all the organisations, not just DOCs, is understaffed and massively overloaded, and that that's the reason for so many deaths and incidents etc, and can quite honestly say, that from an end-user point of view, that this is a total load of crap.  90% of the problem is lazy-arsed power tripping staff who answer to nobody, and when issues do arise, they're quickly covered up and backed up by the next superior officer in charge.

There is no accountability process for the end user to follow, though they do exist.  If you have a law degree and can read and perceive all available legislation, then maybe you have a chance to have your grievance heard, which in turn could result in a positive change for the system, however without such experience your complaints will fall on deaf and lazy ears.

Many organisations used to employ the services of a 'Mystery Shopper' ... and one would have thought this would have overflowed into the public sector, however it did not.  Wouldn't it have been great to see some of the customer service officers whose mightier than thou' attitude in Centrelink, for example, get a good kick up the arse for allowing over 20 people flowing into the centre to have to wait some hour and a half to be served just because they're on the dole and don't deserve the same respect and service as an employed person ??

Now we don't exactly need a mystery shopper for DOCs and other children's services organisations, but we do need some sort of recourse to ensure that constantly failing officers with whom hold such power over the lives of others ARE kept in line with promise of consequences if they should abuse that power.  There seems to be far too many complaints of a similar nature regarding children's services for them to all be a myth and the imagination of some bad parents whom don't deserve to have their kids anyway.

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