DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children

*** ADOPTION CHILDREN ... WHERE DO THEY REALLY COME FROM? FIRSTLY, DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children. They just prefer to take #kids from #parents who are easy targets - usually the ones who would rely on state funded #LegalAid to TRY and keep their kids.

They routinely choose to ignore kids who are being abused - even placing kids with #paedophiles - in order to perpetuate that myth that only the really abused kids are taken. And mostly it works. And yes, 80%. This is based on many years auditing casefiles for #compliance with #law - to ensure that only children who are being #abused or #neglected are removed. Alecomm hasn't audited one single case yet where #docs workers haven't broken the law. Not one in over a decade.

NSW Children's Court - Important Case Law

The following cases have been included in this Resource Handbook:

  • Interim orders — Re Jayden [2007] NSWCA 35 (see [4-0110]), Re Timothy [2010] NSWSC 524 (see [4-0120])
  • Standard of proof, sexual abuse — Re Sophie (No 2) [2009] NSWCA 89 (see [4-0130])
  • Basis of finding does not limit facts considered regarding placement — Re Alistair [2006] NSWSC 411 (see [4-0140])
  • Least intrusive intervention, UN CROC — Re Tracey [2011] NSWCA 43 (see [4-0150])
  • Realistic possibility of restoration — Re Tracey [2011] NSWCA 43 (see [4-0150])

"Why is Blackmail so common by state child protection caseworkers?"

The answer is quite simple .. Because nobody keeps check of them.  And they know it. 

A recent call to the states Independent Commission Against Corruption, to ask how they would handle a matter whereby caseworkers are blackmailing both the immediate and extended family, has shown to be a pointless effort as the ICAC could not promise to give the family protection after they made the disclosure of Blackmail.

It (appears) that Public Officials are protected, but the people who's lives are being affected by these criminals are not, and those committing the crimes are completely protected - all the way to the top.

Parents are being told that if they "do not sign Care Plans that relinquish care of the children to the department, until the children reach 18 years of age", that they will never see their kids again.

"The four options available to anyone unfortunate enough to be tagged by the "Department of Child Abduction""

Option 1: If you can get access to a lot of dollars, get a decent QC. The earlier in the game, the better. But, even then, it depends on what has already been said and done by the child slavers, as this tends to create a problem, even for a seasoned lawyer. The child slavers have a beaut knack for dragging things on, if they really desire your child, to break the emotional connection between parent and child, to control the child, and indirectly, you... and this to you, means lengthy heartache and a lot more money. So, to keep it short, with a QC, you'd be looking at anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000 to wasted money and still no children home.. until they 18 and totally stuffed physically and psychologically.

Foster Care corruption still being ignored

The Department of Community Services/Child Protection NSW totally ignores all complaints concerning the Corruption / Victimisation / Bullying / Theft / Trafficking and Abuses of Children in Care / OOHC NSW by Parents / Grandparents / Family Members / Siblings and any other interested party of Children in [apparent] care of Community Services / Child Protection NSW.

So far hundreds upon hundreds of these complaints have been redirected back to the abusive Case Workers / Case Managers / Client Services Managers whom the serious complaints refer to, this has been done by a substandard letter from the DoCS past CEO Annette Gallard etc without any investigation whatsoever re: THE UNTOUCHABLES...meanwhile thousands of our children are suffering under the care of the state, due to their refusal to investigate or address these serious complaints.

Review of the Ability of Children in Out-Of-Home Care to Donate their Organs for Transplantation

In 2007-2008 Annette Gallard, Deputy Director-General led a review of the ability of children in out-of-home care to donate their organs for transplantation.  The public would like to know what this review entailed and what the outcomes and reports are of such a review, because I can tell you, this worlding scares the absolute bejeezur's off me!  I was sent this appendix, attached. 

To people associated with DOCs the words "carving up family" and "harvesting them out" have an extremely true meaning with what DOCs actually do to the children of these poor families, but until we see the associated documents that go with the abovementioned statements, we've just been given another new and horrifying one. 

I's sure theres a perfectly good explanation on this article, so where is it!  :-)

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Read How "NSW State Plans" Clearly Show Evidence of Preimptive Child Trafficking Expansion Plans

Improvements to the child protection system

  • In 2007–08, 644 applicants accepted an offer of appointment to a caseworker position, leaving approximately 55 caseworkers to be recruited, to achieve a net increase of 1025 as approved under the 2002 $1.2 billion reform package. 
  • Funding for OOHC for children and young people who cannot safely live at home, has been increased. $617m has been committed over five years to develop the OOHC system. Contract negotiations and funding roll-out have commenced.
  • Expanding the Brighter Futures program to prevent the emergence and/or escalation of child protection issues. The Brighter Futures program provides tailored support for vulnerable families with young children (under 9 years). There are currently 62 DoCS Early Intervention Teams in operation.  (Ref P45+46)

Summarising these figures we can easily assume the following:

They have employed 1000 caseworkers and spending another $600+m to traffick more helpless children, vs only 62 Early Intervention Teams working to stop the trafficking.  I wonder what the end result is going to be ???

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Still not convinced?  Read where your caseworkers hours are allocated to by viewing the pdf attached.  You will find they spend hours and hours and hours more time preparing for court proceedings then actually viewing your case and you and your children.   Now with these figures you cannot deny the underlying agenda here.

How Can We Fix the Child Protection System ?

Fixing the system is quite simple.  And it doesn't involve another enquiry or another research expedition wasting another few hundred million dollars.  And it certainly doesn't need more statistics.  This is where the government seems to keep getting stuck.  Publishing a document and paying somebody to research it doesn't fix it.  The legislation is quite fine so long as it is being applied equally and with natural justice.  And for those who don't abide by it, well they must get their natural justice also. 

For each and every complaint listed, there is an offence applicable for that person.  Now just as Parking Fines are administered via the SETONS system (self enforcing ticketable offence notice systems - for those of you not in Queensland), ie the car has been parked in the designated area too long therefore the officer writes up a ticket, well there should be fines and automatic sacking for those whom breach their codes of conduct, provide false and misleading information in court affidavits, omit relevant information showing clear bias to a particular party (usually the parents) etc.

Accessing and Amending Your DOCs File

foi3Members of the public can seek access to departmental records via an FOI request. Requests must be in writing along with a $30 application fee ($15 concession rate).

Applications to amend or notate DoCS records, for which there is no fee, can also be made to the FOI Unit.

Click here for the PDF Format Request for Information or Click here for the Word Format Request for Information


Contact details:

Freedom of Information Unit
NSW Department of Community Services
Locked Bag 4028
Ashfield NSW 2131

Phone: (02) 9716 2662

Applications can be mailed to the above address or lodged at any DoCS community services centre.

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What Legislation Do We Intend on Using ??

We intend on using almost one dozen different legislation / acts. Below are a few that we feel would have the most impact for class action causes and or entry to Australian Crime Commission help.  What we need to be able to utilise the legislations is more than one person claiming the same type of offence, and by different departments and different areas.  This can show mass conspiracies so to speak which would then be covered by the National Crime Act.

We also plan to use Crimes (Hostages) Act 1900 as this act allows for persons being held hostage (ie our children) until we agree to submit to persons to what they ask.  This is keeping a hostage, and by DOCs taking your children and not returning them until you have signed undertakings is not only hostage taking but blackmail.

When crimes total to over 3 years imprisonment which we can make an easy jump to, they are then also available to go to the National Crimes Act.