DPP: Claims of cover-up as rape charges against youth worker dropped after girl in care, 14, died

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case after her death despite DNA evidence that found the odds of her attacker being innocent were “100 billion to one”.

A 14-YEAR-OLD “high-needs” girl who was repeatedly raped while in a residential foster care home is at the centre of a political storm after claims the shocking abuse was “conveniently covered up” after she died.

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case after her death despite DNA evidence that found the odds of her attacker being innocent were “100 billion to one”.

Family and Community Services Minister Brad Hazzard last night described the move as “beyond disturbing” and ordered the DPP, headed by Lloyd Babb SC, to “review the evidence” so it can restart proceedings to “ensure justice prevails”.

It can be revealed the “vulnerable” teen, dubbed Girl X, was also raped several times by another staff member. The youth workers were having sex with her during “sleepover shifts”.

Details have emerged only now after the main offender, known as BJQ, applied for a Working With Children Check.

The application was denied, but his failed appeal revealed he had “several sexual encounters” with Girl X over a five-month period. He also had “explicit” photos of another girl at the centre under his care.

The names of the offenders and the centre have been suppressed.  It is not known how the 14-year-old died.

The opposition has demanded to know why the scandal, which occurred about 2012, was “kept in the dark” and if operators of the centre, believed to be a not-for-profit, were disciplined. The government has refused to answer questions on this issue.

Opposition spokeswoman Tania Mihailuk said the death of the girl had been “conveniently covered up” and it “beggars belief” the government had not sought criminal action in the matter.

BJQ was a 26-year-old youth worker in the residential facility providing “intensive foster care” and the underage girl was classified as a “high-needs child”.

Girl X told police she had several sexual encounters with the applicant over a five-month period. She also had sex several times with “another youth worker” while he was “on a sleepover shift”.

BJQ was charged with aggravated sexual intercourse with a girl aged 14 after she was brought to hospital following a sexual encounter.

Director of the DPP Lloyd Babb.
Family and Community Service Minister Brad Hazzard.

Forensic evidence collected that day included semen belonging to BJQ found on the victim’s underwear. The medical evidence found the DNA profile match with the man was “expected to occur in fewer than 1 in 100 billion individuals”.

However, according to the failed appeal at the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal, any charges were “dismissed after committal, before trial, after her unfortunate death”. “Despite the fact that there was forensic evidence supporting the complainant, there were some inconsistencies in relation to statements made by her prior to her passing.”

The DPP was unable to comment when contacted by the Daily Telegraph.


* 14-year-old “high needs” girl raped by two staff members while in a residential foster care home in 2012 during sleepover shifts

* Main offender, a 26-year-old youth worker, had “several sexual encounters” with the girl in a five-month period

* The offender also had explicit photos of another girl in his care at the centre

* Charges against main offender were dismissed following the girl’s death despite strong forensic evidence. It is not known how the girl died.

* The Family and Community Services Minister has ordered a review of the evidence

Source : http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/dpp-claims-of-coverup-as-rape-charges-against-youth-worker-dropped-after-girl-in-care-14-died/news-story/81bc7356f06f77642b78e73014efa872

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