"Can you spot the propaganda??? "

"What would the caseworker do if they think that the child is not in immediate danger, but they would be unsafe if they continued to live in that house?"

The caseworker could apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). The advantages of an AVO in this case is that the alleged abuser can be ordered to leave the house, rather than requiring the child to leave.  PROPAGANDA!  In most cases DoCS remove the children altogether - citing the mother has not displayed protective behaviours - and routinely gives the children to the abuser or the abusers family.

If the caseworker doesn't think an AVO would be enough to protect the child or young person, they may consider making a Care Application to the Children’s Court for an order that the child live somewhere else until it's safe again.  PROPAGANDA again.  Their first resort is to make a care application to the children's court - and this is after they have removed the children.

In this case, the Court needs to be satisfied that there is no other or better way to protect your child. The Court makes the decision on the basis of information provided to it by DoCS, parents, caregivers and sometimes other professionals or people involved.  PROPAGANDA!  Magistrates rarely know the children's court laws, and even after stating that they do not see enough evidence to warrant the removal, allow the removal of the children anyway.

In a small number of matters, the Court can make an order that places your child in Community Services care for a period of time.  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!  "A small number of matters" ..  even the NSW Law Society acknowledges that the first point of contact a parent generally has with DoCS is when they turn up to remove the child (hence instant court).

If this happens, Community Services will arrange a placement for your child, which might be within the child’s extended family (eg with their grandparents) or with a foster carer, or in alternative accommodation. In finding a placement for a child, Community Services considers the child’s wishes and needs arising from identity, language, cultural and religious ties.  PROPAGANDA!  DoCS will not place the child with any family member who gets along with the parent from whom the child was removed.  DoCS thrive on tearing apart families, not supporting them.

For children who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, every effort is made to place the child with extended family, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family within kinship group or another Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander family within the local community.  Pffffft!!  Wrong again.   (Source : http://www.community.nsw.gov.au/docs_menu/preventing_child_abuse_and_neglect/what_if_a_report_is_made_about_me.html


#2 Mr TurnerGuest 2014-02-25 17:19
This exact thing happened to my daughter. They swooped in and took her newborn son, within 23 hrs of being born, They already had the 3 older girls. They reckon they would not be safe in the home, after the reason they where taken was already in gaol. How do we fight bullshit7
+5 #1 Childrens AdvocateGuest 2013-11-22 08:57
The Caseworkers are being TRAINED in CORRUPTION ! But as of Thursday 28th or should I say Wednesday 27th of November their jobs to Traffic Children in NSW are going to be a piece of cake. Truck loads of Children will swooped up into Pru Gowards Fodder system . FORCD DISAPPEARANCE is being PUSHED through Parliament Wed/Thursday 27th and 28th of November by the Neo Ultra Conservative party in NSW. RING the ALARM BELLS ... DANGER .. WARNING . Protest 10am Parliament House NSW

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