More footage has shown Aussie medications and groceries being stripped from shelves to be shipped by the pallet load to China.

The footage comes as Australians are still facing grocery shortages due to panic buying and health workers fear for their safety as shortages of medical and protective equipment continue across the country.

A Current Affair reported hundreds of boxes of medications, long-life milk, baby formula and bathroom supplies were found at a warehouse in Melbourne. The vital supplies were stacked in pallets and being prepared to be shipped overseas, according to workers at the factory.

The staff said the products were going to China, likely the mainland, Hong Kong or Taiwan “most likely”.

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undefinedThe warehouse is shipping goods to China. Picture: A Current Affair Source: SuppliedundefinedPallets of goods to be sent to China. Picture: A Current Affair Source: Supplied

It comes after shocking reports revealed that as the coronavirus pandemic took hold around the world, bulk supplies of masks and vital medical equipment were taken from Australia and shipped to Wuhan in secret.

Video from Perth airport showed protective surgical masks and other medical supplies being airfreighted to China last month in a shipment that weighed 90 tonnes. The supplies were sent directly to Wuhan, reported. The boxes were taken from Perth and sent to Wuhan on February 8.

undefinedShoppers strip supermarket shelves as part of the scheme. Picture: A Current Affair Source: Supplied

The report previously revealed the shipment of supplies was made by two different Chinese companies based in Australia, Greenland and Risland.

Former senator Derryn Hinch called the practice “disgraceful”, telling ACA “it could cost lives in this country”.
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