The Department of Community Services/Child Protection NSW totally ignores all complaints concerning the Corruption / Victimisation / Bullying / Theft / Trafficking and Abuses of Children in Care / OOHC NSW by Parents / Grandparents / Family Members / Siblings and any other interested party of Children in [apparent] care of Community Services / Child Protection NSW.

So far hundreds upon hundreds of these complaints have been redirected back to the abusive Case Workers / Case Managers / Client Services Managers whom the serious complaints refer to, this has been done by a substandard letter from the DoCS past CEO Annette Gallard etc without any investigation whatsoever re: THE UNTOUCHABLES...meanwhile thousands of our children are suffering under the care of the state, due to their refusal to investigate or address these serious complaints.

Each and Every One of our Children are worth over $400,000 per year to the department and their NGO's, with many of these NGO's being ABUSERS of the PAST to The Forgotten Australians / The Child Migrants and the Stolen Generation.

Due to the total ignorance of thousands of complaints regarding the unethical practices / victimisation / bullying and corruption of the Department of Community Services, Child Protection NSW sweep every complaint received under a huge departmental rug.

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