Watson & Burton [2015] FamCA 549 (16 July 2015) - Tree, J.

In this case, the children repeatedly disclosed sexual abuse by the father including anal abuse. The mother repeatedly disclosed to professionals what the children told her. The psychiatrists all claimed she was delusional and the father was given sole custody. In an offer of Consent Orders, the mother was offered extra time with the children so long as she withdrew allegations of sexual abuse by the father.  Yes - it was written into the orders.  Wanting to desperately spend more time with her children, she did. But then she was crucified for why she withdrew them - even though it was a condition of extra time.

The family reporter then wrote she couldn’t be trusted not to continue with her beliefs the father sexually abused the children, and the father then got sole custody again with the mother being given extremely limited supervised contact. This case is interesting in that they promised the mother more time if she recanted the allegations, and when she did, they gave her less time and called her a liar.

Judgement : http://www.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc/au/cases/cth/FamCA/2015/549.html?context=1;query=father%20sole%20parental%20responsibility%20child%20sex%20abuse%20allegations%20%20;mask_path=au/cases/cth/FamCA

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