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White foster carer jailed for 7 years after torturing Aboriginal girl
CatholiCare and DoCS want girls to have contact with rapist father
NSW foster parents may receive extra payments
Where have the rights of parents gone in this country?
FACS deliberately forge evidence to remove Chase
Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community Services
Decisions on behalf of your Children: The doctrine of ‘Parens Patriae’ in Australia
NSW Justice Young cracking down on corrupt Human Services officers
"Pru Goward pulls the trigger on Weapons of Mass Destruction"
"Pru Goward - Minister for Community Services, Chair Shiners, Child Slavery, Collosal StuffUps!"
"Pru Goward Boards the Corruption Train ... Full Steam Ahead."
"Pru Goward pushing to abandon our basic human rights"
We really need to get control freaks out of our government.
Cootamundra DoCS Office involved in Forced Sterilisations
*** UPDATE: Another foster child left for dead by Tweed Heads child protection caseworkers
"Who is the Bigger ScrewUp? The DoCS Workers or the Foster Carers who make Kids call them Mum?"
"Support Jadeine's Fight Against DoCS NSW Tweed Heads"
"Why are DoCS Caseworkers only interested in cases of "alleged" abuse by bio-parents and not foster-carers"
"DoCS Gosford send Non-Autistic boy to Autistic School at Terrigal"
"The DOCS/FACS NSW Protest against Corruption"
Gosford Hospital Midwives are Massive Promoters of Child Trafficking
Chrystal Bell - Cootamundra DoCS worst caseworker finally sacked!
Changing the Legislation to Prevent Abuse by DOCs Workers is Extremely Simple
Dealing With Dirty DoCS Workers Who Lie and Mislead the Court
DoCS NSW Blatantly Abusing Civil Rights of American Mum
Welcome to Gosford Family and Community Services