Grand Chief ‘horrified’, as Alberta quietly allows organ harvesting from children who die in provincial care

“Having just learned of this policy, I am horrified, appalled and, quite frankly, mad as hell that this is happening and that it has been working quietly in the background for so long,” said Courtoreille in a statement.

With an already high number of Aboriginal children in care, a 2013 investigation conducted by the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald revealed a startling trend in the deaths of children in care in Alberta. The investigation uncovered that while only nine per cent of Alberta children are Indigenous they accounted for 78 per cent of children who have died in foster care since 1999.

Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes

Pro-family advocates warn Bill 89 gives the state more power to seize children from families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting children.

Why is Ontario's Children's Aid Societies shrouded in more secrecy than CSIS?

Former Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian : "As the law stands now clients of the Ontario Children's  Aid  Society under Wynne's liberals are routinely denied  a timely (often heavily censored) file disclosure before the court begins making life altering decisions and the "clients" can not request files/disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act nor can censored information reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario or the federal counter-part." 

As far back as 2004, Ontario's Privacy Commissioner has lobbied for oversight and accountability for the Children’s Aid Society and been completely ignored.

Motherisk babies





We reject the practices of Barnevernet, protestors say in front of the Norwegian embassy

Defenders of the Norwegian social service Barnevernet met at the Norwegian Embassy in Prague. They opposed the introduction of a similar system in the Czech Republic. The Bohemia also came to support several Norwegians, who had their children taken by Barnevernet. The grandfather of Eva Michalakova, Jiri Pavelka, also took part.

Drug-addiction epidemic creates crisis in foster care

Kim Sullivan, whose son died of a heroin overdose, prepares to talk to students in Groton, Connecticut, about the dangers of drug addiction. Across the country, an increasing number of children are being admitted into foster care, which some state officials attribute to the opioid epidemic.

NDP foster child fiasco: NEW facts about “Baby Serenity’s torture chamber”

Serenity was 4 years old and she weighed 18 pounds when she died, as much as a one year old baby. Over a long period of time, she had been starved, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed.

But it didn't happen in Iraq and Syria where torture, sexual assault and murder of the helpless is common. It happened in Alberta, when Serenity was in kinship care, a family based foster care under the direct supervision of the Alberta government.

Another Norwegian family beat Barnevernet by publicising their case

Great news has arrived from Norway: parents Natasha and Eric Olsen Myra have won back their twins taken away from them immediately after birth due to the mother´s alleged mental retardation. However, the battle is not yet over as the Norwegian system is threatening the parents with 2 years of imprisonment for the abduction of their own children to Poland.

The whole story began when Natasha was 13. At that time she was growing up with her foster parents who, for the sake of higher social benefits, arranged for the following diagnosis to be written down in her medical records: “non-specified mental retardation manifested by misbehavior”. Although Natasha was fighting fit, her foster parents received significantly higher social benefits for two years on account of fraud committed by one of the doctors who was their friend.

Media coverage of Barnevernet scandals is working well. Norway is making a volt-face.

Media coverage of Barnevernet cases is slowly beginning to bear fruit in Norway itself. Last year´s developments might also bring hope to Eva Michaláková and her children. The present situation is in no way comparable to the one at the end of 2014.

The shift is enormous. And Norway itself is waking up to the fact that the faux pas of the local child-protection service are nowadays subject of public debate. I have written earlier about the story of Natasha and Erik whose twins were taken away on the basis of an extremely dubious expert opinion and then returned. This case was far from being the only one.

Norway's stolen children?

Why are so many parents in Norway claiming that the state is kidnapping their children? With a spike in cases in recent years and accusations of racial intolerance, Dateline asks whether these children are being saved, or stolen.

"We’d seen them on the ultrasound, felt all the movement in my tummy. The hardest thing was to come home empty handed,” mum Natasha Myra Olsen tells Georgina Davies.

When her and partner Erik had twin girls, Norway’s child protection agency, Barnevernet, turned up at the hospital and took them away.

Porthole to Justice

After reading mainstream articles on Haitian children bring kidnapped from hospitals, you might say, "there must be someone looking for these kids, right? It's not easy to get away with kidnapping more than 15 thousand kids!" Of course there is. The International Commission on Missing Persons. Which was "established at the behest of United States President Bill Clinton in 1996". The mother****** have covered their backs by owning the ICMP, the only thing that would actually track them down. The Clintons and their allies are literally stealing little kids from around the world. WHAT. THE. F IS. GOING. ON BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. They do it in the United States too!

'Alarming’ number of children missing from UK care homes

Children are disappearing from UK care homes at an "alarming" rate, two charities warn.

The number of children missing from UK care homes is “alarmingly” high, two charities say, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the country’s child protection system.

Of the nearly 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care homes across the UK last year, over 200 have not been found, according to a study by ECPAT UK and Missing People charities published on Tuesday.

How social workers failed Yorkshire schoolgirl abused by gang of 12

Twelve men have been sentenced to a total of 130 years for sexually exploiting a young schoolgirl in Keighley.

Professionals ‘believed children chose to consent to this type of crime’.

A CATALOGUE of mistakes and missed opportunities by police and social workers was blamed today for failing to protect a vulnerable schoolgirl from West Yorkshire who was systematically abused by a gang of Asian males whom, a court heard, saw her as “utterly worthless”.

The girl, identified only as “Autumn”, was aged 13 and 14 when she was repeatedly raped, sexually abused and passed around by the men. In one sustained attack she was raped by five of them in succession. Today, a “serious case review” published by Bradford Safeguarding Children Board criticised police for “not prioritising intervention in this type of crime”, and for a belief that “children involved in this kind of harm were actively consenting and choosing to become involved”. On one occasion, police treated information that Autumn had performed a sex act on an Asian man in a park as a case of prostitution, the review’s authors say.

Government ignores social workers, campaigners, Lords and more than 100,000 petitioners and forces child protection opt-outs back into Children and Social Work Bill

The Government has ignored social workers, children’s rights campaigners, more than 100,000 members of the public and the House of Lords and revived plans to let councils opt out of more than 80 years of child protection laws.

The Education Secretary Justine Greening will announce in the House of Commons this afternoon that she will plough on with proposals letting her exempt local authorities from almost any duty imposed on them by child protection legislation since 1933.

Legal notice and notice of hearing - Maine DHHS

Maine Department of Health & Human Services MAINE DISTRICT COURT IN RE: Safe Haven Baby Girl Docket. No.: BAN-PC
n/k/a Grace A. S.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO John Doe, said name being fictitious, father, as well as Jane Doe, said name being fictitious, mother, whereabouts unknown:

The Plan thoughts turn to "Our Jakie" at one of those awful visits with caseworker, Holly Masters Litton sitting inches away from us in a cubicle food stamp office that was 8 feet by 8 feet (maybe). She would sit there and stare at me trying to intimidate as we played games and tried to have fun. It didn't take her long to figure out I can't be intimidated.

This type of psychological warfare and manipulation is common from the caseworker to the families of origin.

Intimidating, belittling, manipulation of facts, lies, estrangement and deceit in an attempt to gain psychological control of the #TAKEN child, IS the status quo of the caseworker.

Ministers defend care system after 'forced adoption' comments

Ministers have defended the care system after a former Liberal Democrat MP said council social services departments in England and Wales were "under pressure" to get children adopted. John Hemming, who campaigns for improvements in the family justice system, said the process of assessment used by judges who make decisions about children's futures was biased towards council management objectives. He said he believed that ministers would have to apologise for the harm done to children ''wrongly put through forced adoption''.

Murder, abuse, organized crime, racketeering, corrupt judges, attorneys, guardian adlitem, child protection services, mental health care providers, and anyone else who stands to make a profit on the backs of our children! Guilty!!!

They call this a “Sleep Study!”,  We call it “Cashin’ In;” and using this 5 year-old boy Joseph to do it!  This is a disgrace!  Nothing more, Nothing less!  This is a perfect picture of everyone getting paid.  The doctor, the social workers, the judge, the attorneys, the mental health providers, the county agency (CPS), the federal government, and of course the facility conducting these ridiculous tests on this 5-year-old son Joseph.  AGAINST THE PARENTS WILL!

The Family Unit is alive, but not well; arguably the backbone of our very existence!  Whentorn apart, especially for no good reason, it’s quickly doomed to live out its existence in pieces; and it’s pieces are left without purpose or reason to live a full, complete life.  We’re talkin’ about irreparable damage.  In fact, from that point it will likely deteriorate rapidly in many, many ways.  It is DEAD!  MURDERED by those that saw fit to parrot terms like “best interest of this” “best interest of that” while not actually having the best interest of anything in mind or at heart, but their very own existence.  Job Security, Money, even simply justifying their own existence in some twisted, misguided way.  It’s a disgrace!  IT IS MURDER! 

OPED: Post-Penn State paranoia harming York County children

When it comes to willful ignorance, it’s hard to match Pennsylvania legislators. They pass law after law encouraging anyone and everyone to report anything and everything to ChildLine, the state’s child abuse “hotline,” and then claim to be shocked — shocked — when counties can’t cope with the flood of new calls.

But far worse than the harm these laws are doing to budgets is the harm they are doing to children.

Thousands more children are being subjected to the trauma of needless child abuse investigations. Strangers are at the door, asking terrifying questions about the most intimate aspects of their lives. And in many cases, the workers are leaving with the children — consigning them needlessly to the chaos of foster care, even as other children, in real danger, are overlooked.

In York County, between 2010 and 2014, the number of children torn from their families over the course of a year soared by 55 percent — and that was just in the wake of the hysteria following the revelations about Jerry Sandusky. The new laws, passed by a legislature fed misleading claims and eager to look tough on child abuse, are likely to make things even worse.

“What do you expect?” some might ask. “With so many more people reporting child abuse, of course more children are being taken.”  But when well-meaning people are constantly encouraged to report even their slightest suspicions, most of those suspicions will be wrong. In other cases, “mandated reporters” almost certainly are calling in reports they think have no merit because they’re afraid of what will happen to them if they don’t.

It’s happening even though there is no evidence that mandatory reporting laws make children safer.

Bodnariu Family and the permanent destruction of families

Since weeks there have been demonstrations against the Norwegian child protection services ‪#‎stopbarnevernet, in support of the Budnariu family.

And it continues. Massive protest of Romanians are being organised all over the world. See the above picture taken in Brussels.

Sadly it rarely gets connected to the broader child rights policy issue.

The European Parliaments Petition Committee heard horror stories about what happens in the UK. Forced adoptions. Instead of temporary child protection, children are permanently taken from their families. Adoption as child care measure? Like in the United States, where children are also “freed” for adoption?

Member of the European Parliament Victor Bostinaru about forced adoptions, adoptions without consent:

The US has not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and sees adoption as a child protection measure. That was not the European view, in 2004, when the European Commission was monitoring Romania’s child rights policies. And thus forced Romania to stop this practice. See report of the Independent Panel of Experts on Family Law.

But, the EU took a u-turn. And now promotes adoption, including intercountry adoption, as child protection.

The first results are there. Denmark, for example, has now legislated forced adoption. So does Bulgaria. Bulgaria now is one of the biggest exporter of children. Portugal now sends children to the Netherlands, Belgium, France.

The European adoption agencies have difficulties to get children from abroad. The intercountry adoption system has imploded. Some 70 % down over the last years.

They are all financially dying. Scandal after scandal about trafficking, abduction, corruption brought the system down. So, now the agencies are exploring new markets.

Euradopt, the European Umbrella organisation of adoption agencies, now invited speakers from the UK to their 2016 conference. To speak about adoption from foster care.

The migrant families in Norway and the UK are now getting support from their home countries and fellow country men. But that is not the case for families who lose their children to their national child protection services.

Bulgarian families are crying out loud that their children are put for adoption. Child rights workers complain that there is no support for families. Just take their children…

When Indian families of children that were taken by the Indian child protection and placed for intercountry adoption were protesting, there was no massive outcry.

Some of these children were even kidnapped and sold on to “orphanages.

India is now implementing the new gold standard: Integrated Child Protection System. Target: to increase adoptions with 500%.

The American Agency Holt International Children’s Services estimates the costs of such adoptions between 30.000 and 50.000 dollar.

In the meantime, the European Parliament seems to have forgotten the crying parents, and is pushing for cross-border adoption rules and EU wide acceptance of domestic adoption decisions, to cater the LGTBI (because not all EU Member States accept adoptions by LGTBI couples).

The Bodnariu case is a terrible drama. And exemplary of what we will see anywhere in future. Children taking permanently away from their families. A disproportionate measure that should be an extreme measure. But not a “normal” measure of child protection.

Child protection should be about empowering families. Not destroying them.

It is high time to connect worldwide and stand up!

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  • International Cases
  • Canadian Child Protection Services

    Manmeet Bhullar 7fb80Manmeet Bhullar says no enquiry is needed. Manmeet Bhullar, who will take over the portfolio when the newly shuffled cabinet is sworn in next week, said Wednesday December 18 2013 he doesn't see the need to hold an independent public inquiry into the matter, as demanded by all three opposition parties. Great concerns the 33-year-old Bhullar, who is moving from the Service Alberta portfolio, lacks the experience to shepherd Human Services, which handles child and youth issues, social programs and homelessness. 

    No inquiry means we do not think these children's lives matter, so much so that we can not even be bothered to look into their deaths. There are no words to describe how disgusted I am.

    Whatever it takes to keep this out of the public's view. This government's actions speak far louder than their words will ever speak. People with nothing to hide DO NOT act the way these people do. They've been everything but forthcoming with information and openness.

    Sources:  (Source :

  • Norwegian child protection (Barnevernet)
  • USA Child Protection

    Currently, Child Protective Services violates more civil rights on a daily basis then all other agencies combined, including the NSA / CIA wiretapping program.... CPS does not protect children ...

    It is sickening how many children are subject to abuse, neglect and even killed at the hands of Child Protective Services. every parent should read this pdf from Connecticut DCF Watch :  

    Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the US

    (These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington (NCCAN).

    Recent numbers have increased significantly for CPS 

    *Perpetrators of Maltreatment* 

    Physical Abuse CPS 160, Parents 59

    Sexual Abuse CPS 112, Parents 13

    Neglect CPS 410, Parents 241

    Medical Neglect CPS 14 Parents 12

    Fatalities CPS 6.4, Parents 1.5 

    Imagine that, 6.4 children die at the hands of the very agencies that are supposed to protect them and only 1.5 at the hands of parents per 100,000 children.

    CPS perpetrates more abuse, neglect and sexual abuse, and kills more children then parents in the United States. If the citizens of this country hold CPS to the same standards that they hold parents too.

    No judge should ever put another child in the hands of ANY government agency because CPS nationwide is guilty of more harm and death than any human being combined.

    CPS nationwide is guilty of more human rights violations and deaths of children then the homes from which they were removed. When are the judges going to wake up and see that they are sending children to their death and a life of abuse when children are removed from safe homes based on the mere opinion of a bunch of social workers.  



  • UK Child Protection