Why Do DoCS Workers change Contact Time for Parents and DELIBERATELY FAIL TO NOTIFY PARENTS ???

  • Has your DoCS / Child Protection Worker ever failed to inform you of a contact visit, or changed the times and not informed you?CPS Experience
  • Did they imply on their forms that you just 'failed to turn up'?

Why the hell do they do this?  It is blatant child abuse and does nothing more than to further traumatise the children in their care.  In the past 2 days i have had two persons complain of DoCS Workers doing this to them, and numerous complaints in the past.

Life Without Barriers staff think its great to change contact times and then laugh at parents who miss out on seeing their children.  They have no care for the consequences of the unnecessary traumatisation they inflict upon innocent children when their parents fail to turn up to see them. It is horrendous that these so called child protection workers to committ such acts upon innocent children who are already traumatise more than enough from their preceeding actions in removing them in the first place instead of providing support and intervention for the family - that is if t was ever needed in the first place.

Shame On DoCS Officers who behave in such a manner, you are a disgrace.  Personally we can only see such actions committed by none other than a psychopath.  What do you think?

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