F**ked up FACS workers.

Why is it that when FACS remove kids from slightly dysfunctional families, they refuse to concede the effort the parents put in, or ever send them home.

You've given up drugs, you're doing counselling etc. putting it straight ... Do they want to sentence the kids to a lifetime of misery in OOHC?

Poorer life outcomes, more likely to take illicit drugs and alcoholism, more likely to be jailed?

You've done everything they've asked so why do they want to fuck your kids life up anymore than they have via the traumatic way they removed them.

The kids have run away, they are screaming to come home. They're extremely traumatised with what FACS did. That's not the least intrusive method.

The kids are miserable. They need to do the right thing and send them home.  All evidence proves that even kids from slightly dysfunctional families fare much better than if shoved in foster prison. 

Dear Docs

NOTE: This article discusses strong themes of child abuse that some may find upsetting.
Please remember when reading this article that while no identifying information is given, every example used is a short version of a true story. The examples used are real, the issues discussed are real and the problem is very real. If you have anything you’d like to add to this story, please email us.
Also note that while Department of Community Services (DoCS) has now transitioned to Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), the term DoCS is still used colloquially and as such, is used in this article.

Dear DoCS,

We have a problem. No, I take that back. You have a problem. Your employees have a problem. Your entire system has a problem. I understand that the idea of DoCS is a great thing – protect the helpless children, love them, care for them, provide them with safety they don’t get with their natural parents!  Or help out parents in need!  That’s why you have the Brighter Futures program isn’t it?

So, how are you managing to get it so utterly wrong?  How have you managed to deviate into such systematic failure?  I know you’ll claim you don’t.  That you do what you can, that you’re “short staffed”, “underfunded”, “inundated”.  So why do the cases you do take on become so deeply entangled in your lies, corruption and deceit?

I’ve spoken to many people recently regarding your short comings.  I shed many tears for their heart-breaking stories.  I felt a familiar pang of hurt and related to many of their stories.

It leads to me question your motives.  When children are unsettled, begging for their parents – unfit or otherwise – why do you continue to limit visitation?  Surely, DoCS, the children aren’t to blame for their parent’s mistakes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying send children home to drug addicts and violent people, I’m saying let the children maintain reasonable contact with their parents.

Lawsuit: lawyer uncovers alarming "trend" as thousands of babies kidnapped by CPS.

A federal class action lawsuit filed out of Southern California states that the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services has kidnapped “thousands” of children without warrant or reason.

According to the suit, which makes mention of several social workers and investigators, Riverside’s operation “makes a habit” of kidnapping young children.

Speaking with the Courthouse News Service, the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Shawn McMillan, said that he “uncovered an alarming trend” when investigating similar cases in the area the year prior.

Hurdles to adoption torn down - Pru Goward ignores the new stolen generation she has created and gives those responsible more powers.

Absolutely disgusting that the politician who portrays herself as a "protector of children", should be apologising for forced adoption while at the same time bringing these laws back in, not to mention the media laws she is also seeking to enforce designed to cover up this evil.

Gagging orders such as are in force in the UK whereby any parent speaking out about the legal kidnapping of their children wil be jailed. Over 100 parents are currently in jail in the UK after speaking out about the blatant theft of their children who have become nothing more than a commodity to the UK government, and now to Pru Goward.

How wrong is this? This will automatically turn foster carers against parents who already have a department whose mode of operation is based on discrediting and belittling parents from the first contact. All rights are removed from the parents and there is little or no legal funding to ensure a fair investigation. Only 3% of parents who lose their children to these "government endorsed predators" are proven to have abused or neglected their children in a court of law.

Dear DoCs: PT 2

NOTE: This article discusses strong themes of child abuse that some may find upsetting.
Please remember when reading this article that while no identifying information is given, every example used is a short version of a true story. The examples used are real, the issues discussed are real and the problem is very real. If you have anything you’d like to add to this story, please email us.
Also note that while Department of Community Services (DoCS) has now transitioned to Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), the term DoCS is still used colloquially and as such, is used in this article.

Dear DoCS,

In the short time since my last letter, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many like-minded people who are aware of the issues you’ve got. In fact, there are definite themes surrounding some of the issues I highlighted in our last letter and some that I’m yet to discuss.

For now, let’s start with transparency.  In discussing the contents of my last letter with followers of Facebook page The Little Girl That Nobody Wanted, it was agreed that there is a major issue with the secrecy you hold so dearly.

Let me ask you this: if wards of the state (that is, foster kids) live through the experiences that you note on your systems, why do you need to restrain information? Using my own experience as an example, I enquired about reading my case file several years ago. I was told that I would not receive a physical copy nor would I be entitled to all the information. I was told that it would take approximately 6-12 weeks to “prepare the documents for viewing” as many parts had to be taken out. Curious, I asked what parts and why. I was told any information that identified anyone other than myself was not available to see. This included foster families, etc.

Now, I would understand any foster parents who rejected me before I even landed on their doorstep.  I’d understand any identifying information of any reports made regarding me. I’d understand any persons that may have an AVO against me. However, I never had any of these, other than homes that rejected me due to different reasons.

Why is it that I can live in someone’s home, be a part of their family for whatever length of time I was there and be a part of their lives yet not be entitled to see the names of those who cared for me nor the addresses of the places I lived in?

Protecting the Predators and Perpetrators

Police, child protection, family court's, criminal courts, the legal system, our government ... They all protect predators and perpetrators.  Hundreds of thousands of stories are emerging Australia wide and yet the general public still don't get it!!  No one is exempt, unless you have money to buy your way out!!!

Innocent people are played every single day!! False reports are made, evidence hidden, and when evidence is available it is kept under lock and key!!!  Innocent people being forced to plead guilty to crimes they never committed, their children taken under false pretense, and abused in a system that proclaims to provide a better life!!  A better life for who??  The money making fraudsters who pocket billions of Australian tax dollars per year??  Or our children??

This is currently what our children endure !! Tell me if this is the better life you all envisioned??  Full of beatings, rape, murder ?? Homelessness, hunger, with no job prospects, little education, no love or true support ?? And ten times the chance of dying ...

Foster care and it's horrible truth

Every day we see more and more horror stories about foster care, more and more children are either dying or being abused while in care. The public may think that these children would be abused if they had of stayed with their biological parent and in some cases this is in fact very true. However, we have things call 4 week, 6 week, 6 month and 12 month orders we also have 18 year orders of which go through the judicial system called the family youth court. A lot of people may be surprised to hear this but for any child protection order, the claims do not have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt but simply on a balance of probabilities. This means that children are court ordered away from their parents because there is a chance something may happen. This does not mean it will, ever has or ever would happen. Now, this means that claims from phone line and in person complaints can be used and called evidence against you in the court room. This means that anyone can call in and say that you're taking drugs, abusing your children, not feeding them & beating them without any of these things actually happening. It is assumed that CPS will not involve themselves unless it is an absolutely terrible situation, however this assumption is incorrect. How come we see so many children dying in foster care or being abused but yet when the parents of the children being removed and placed in these dangerous homes cry out asking for help or publicity everyone turns a blind eye to what is going on? There is an assumption that parents who's kids have been removed are bad people. This is not true, in 4 week orders CPS apply to have children removed from their parents home to do an "assessment" one of the things that they assess the parent on is a thing called parental capacity, this process of assessing parental capacity is literally going to an appointment with a physcologist who is "trained in the field". You only have to go here once for them to say that they either need further assessment or that they do not think you should have your child. This is a 1 and a half hour process that decides your childs future for the rest of their and your lives. Now if this physcologist says they need to further assess you CPS will then apply for a 6 week, 6 month or 12 month order to get the assessment done. Now, this is 4 weeks of being ripped away from their parent and on top of that another 6 more because CPS failed to complete their job properly. I would like you all to think about the kind of damage this does to a child. On top of this any false allegations they wish to make, for example if they were to lie and say your house was disgusting and unfit for a child to live in they do not need to provide proof of this only case notes which are exactly what they sound like they are notes written on a notebook. ANYTHING can be written in case notes, these are the notes they use in court and call proof. This along with whatever the physcologist has said that they think of you from your 1 and a half hour visit determines whether or not you get your children back or they go for a 12 month or 18 year order. In a 12 month order they can either decide to go for an extended 6 months or 18 year order. This so called "evidence" is nothing more then hear say and whatever those workers feel like writting about it.
If you think that this is fair then you may ignore what I'm about to say however, this at the least in my opinion is extremely unfair. I believe that accesses should be 100% recorded and that those tapes in their entirety should be seen by a jury and judge when applying for 18 year orders. Infact your entire case should be over seen by a jury if CPS wish to go for 18 year orders, this along with changing the standard from a balance of probabilities to beyond reasonable doubt will cause an extremely positive outcome for all australian families and their children. Any evidential information should be taken seriously and be able to be presented before a jury in 18 year orders. I call for justice within our judicial system and to stop the corruptness we now know as CPS. No one want children to be used like bargaining chips and to be used as nothing mroe then a number these are australias most vulnerable and helpless.. We need to be doing right by them, their families and our county.

Australian Community Services Expenditure 2008

During the 2008-09 financial year there was $25.2b spent on direct community services activities and a further $4.0b on non-direct and related community services activities.

Total expenditure on direct activities comprised $13.8b by 'not for profit' organisations, $6.7b by 'for profit' businesses, $3.8b by Commonwealth/state/territory government organisations and $0.9b by local government. In addition, Commonwealth/state/territory government organisations provided funding of $9.5b to other private organisations and self-employed contractors for the direct provision of community services.

Source : http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Latestproducts/E7D70BC100648E8CCA25774B0015659D?opendocument

CatholiCare and DoCS want girls to have contact with rapist father

A ladies ex-husband sexually assaulted their girls - and went to jail. Now he's out and CatholiCare and Child Protection NSW and the ICL are all stating that they are going to not only allow him to have contact with his victims but force the youngest son to have a relationship with him, without knowing that his father raped his sisters.  

Decisions on behalf of your Children: The doctrine of ‘Parens Patriae’ in Australia

Patriae means ‘parent of the country’ in Latin, and refers to the common law doctrine by which the Sovereign has an obligation to protect the interests of those unable to protect themselves, such as children and mentally incapacitated adults.[1] For example, the State has a duty to protect children or the mentally ill who are abused or neglected.

In the earliest days of the doctrine in England, Parens Patriae was restricted to only the mentally incompetent, but in the seventeenth century, the Lord Chancellor extended the duty towards children as well.[2]Parens Patriae jurisdiction does not extend to mentally competent adults, deceased persons or unborn foetuses.