NDP foster child fiasco: NEW facts about “Baby Serenity’s torture chamber”

Serenity was 4 years old and she weighed 18 pounds when she died, as much as a one year old baby. Over a long period of time, she had been starved, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed.

But it didn't happen in Iraq and Syria where torture, sexual assault and murder of the helpless is common. It happened in Alberta, when Serenity was in kinship care, a family based foster care under the direct supervision of the Alberta government.

https://youtu.be/JVfjEq_qOK0 But there are no convictions against the people who did this to little Serenity. There aren't even charges before the courts.

Why? Because little Serenity’s file was never completely turned over to the RCMP, hindering their investigation.  The police didn’t have the information they needed from the children's services ministry. The same people charged with keeping her safe in life didn’t do enough to get her justice in death. They just forgot.

It was one of the worst things this awful government has ever done and they've done a lot. Or at least I thought it was, until yesterday.

CBC found out that 6 kids are still in the home under the care of the same people who were “looking after” little Serenity. And those 6 kids, according to witness accounts, are not being taken care of either. Two of the kids haven’t been to school since October.  

I'm a fan of kinship care instead of stranger foster care with family being better than the state but never at all costs. Keeping Serenity in a home despite evidence of abuse to her simply because she was related to the people in it cost her her life.

Learning nothing from that, the NDP are insisting on doing the same thing with the next 6 kids and expecting a different result. They’ll fail those kids like they failed Serenity. The government doesn't get another chance to get this right when the cost of failure is a dead child.

Serenity was 4 when she died a horrible death. It’s been 2 years and there is still no justice for her and nothing has changed because she died.

And if they had any shame, everyone involved would resign - including Notley.

Source : https://www.therebel.media/ndp_foster_child_fiasco

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