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CHILDREN'S BILL OF RIGHTS when parents are going through a separation and/or divorce

Rights expected from the parents:

1. There is overwhelming scientific research that substantiates that children do best in a joint legal arrangement with 50-50 physical custody. Parents should endeavor to make this happen. (NOTE: It is amazing how parents do make this happen when denied a choice in these matters. Research demonstrates that giving parents the right to choose emboldens some of them to oppose joint legal custody when they would otherwise accept it if denied the right to choose.)

2. Parents must maintain a civil and respectful posture with the other parent in front of the child or in situations that can get back to the child.

We reject the practices of Barnevernet, protestors say in front of the Norwegian embassy

Defenders of the Norwegian social service Barnevernet met at the Norwegian Embassy in Prague. They opposed the introduction of a similar system in the Czech Republic. The Bohemia also came to support several Norwegians, who had their children taken by Barnevernet. The grandfather of Eva Michalakova, Jiri Pavelka, also took part.

Drug-addiction epidemic creates crisis in foster care

Kim Sullivan, whose son died of a heroin overdose, prepares to talk to students in Groton, Connecticut, about the dangers of drug addiction. Across the country, an increasing number of children are being admitted into foster care, which some state officials attribute to the opioid epidemic.

Amber alert mother issues call to arms to stand up against Queensland health system

Jacinda "Cini" Walker has called on supporters to stand up against the Queensland health system during a Facebook live video update on Saturday.

Cini Walker, the mother of four-year-old Chase Walker-Steven who was at the centre of an Amber Alert on Friday, has issued a call to arms for her supporters to stand up against the Queensland health system.

What do we want?

Reform the human services, which thanks to our government repeating past attrocities, has again turned our most vulnerable into extremely profitable commodities for greedy NGOs.  Government to facilitate all human services and withdraw use of NGOs immediately.

Accountability and jail for any human services employees or stakeholders breaching any law or policy or procedure.

The Independent Children's Lawyer for kids

When your parents separate, they may go to a court to help them decide who you will live with.    Sometimes, they can agree about where you should live, but might ask the court to help them organise how you spend your time and communicate with the parent you don't live with.

Will anyone listen to what you have to say?
What you have to say is very important. The court will want to know what you think before it makes any decision. Maybe you don't want to say what you want. That's okay too. Nobody will force you to talk about things you don't want to discuss.  Well they tell you this in the brochure, but truth be told your ICL will taunt you and tell you that you are going to live with the abusive violent parent you basically do not know --- Amanda Steiner is great at this -- she will make ten year old children cry by telling them they will not see their mummy again for a long time.

How can you be sure the court will listen?
You won't have to go to court and speak yourself. We understand that could be hard for you. Instead, a person called an Independent Children's Lawyer (ICL) will talk to you on your own before the court day. They will not put forward what your wishes are at all - so start writing your own affidavit and have somebody you trust submit it for you. 

Lawsuit: lawyer uncovers alarming "trend" as thousands of babies kidnapped by CPS.

A federal class action lawsuit filed out of Southern California states that the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services has kidnapped “thousands” of children without warrant or reason.

According to the suit, which makes mention of several social workers and investigators, Riverside’s operation “makes a habit” of kidnapping young children.

Speaking with the Courthouse News Service, the Plaintiffs’ attorney, Shawn McMillan, said that he “uncovered an alarming trend” when investigating similar cases in the area the year prior.

Children who ended up in wheelchairs after their mother 'fabricated' their illnesses were neglected by social services, family judge rules

  • A family court judge ruled that two children were neglected by social services
  • Judge Vera Mayer said one of the social workers showed 'alarming ineptitude'
  • The children were not identified but the court heard Barnet Council was involved

Two children who ended up in wheelchairs after their mother 'fabricated' their illnesses were neglected by social services bosses, a family court judge has said.

Judge Vera Mayer said a social worker who worked on the case for six years had demonstrated 'alarming ineptitude'.

NDP foster child fiasco: NEW facts about “Baby Serenity’s torture chamber”

Serenity was 4 years old and she weighed 18 pounds when she died, as much as a one year old baby. Over a long period of time, she had been starved, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed.

But it didn't happen in Iraq and Syria where torture, sexual assault and murder of the helpless is common. It happened in Alberta, when Serenity was in kinship care, a family based foster care under the direct supervision of the Alberta government.

Charter of Rights for Children in Out of Home Care

Children's Charter of Rights for all Australian states / territories attached to this article.  Family and Community Services NSW state : "The Charter of Rights outlines the general rights and responsibilities of every child and young person in out-of-home-care. The NSW Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 requires that these rights are supported by carers and caseworkers." BUT you will notice that none of these charters explains exactly what kids can do when they're rights are being breached ...

See also : Ten Rules for ChildrenHow are your children's rights implemented?"Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a communications procedure"Were your children removed on an Emergency Order? and Ludicrous reasons why good and fit mothers have lost custody


The voice of a former foster child

The death of a child by arrogance and ignorance........

There are no statistic that will ever help you understand what it feels like to be a child abused by the child protection system. No one really watches out for these children they are all lost within a world ruled by narcissist, pedophiles and do-gooders. 

A child removed from a home of poverty aka neglect is thrown into a broken system where true abuse becomes a life they can not escape.  Even when the child is allowed visits from parents and family who can witness the physical marks of abuse it is still ignored by arrogant workers who believe the parents are incompetent and their reports are retaliation.

So sad when a mear accusation can cause child removal but isn't enough to protect a child from abuse within the system.

Another Norwegian family beat Barnevernet by publicising their case

Great news has arrived from Norway: parents Natasha and Eric Olsen Myra have won back their twins taken away from them immediately after birth due to the mother´s alleged mental retardation. However, the battle is not yet over as the Norwegian system is threatening the parents with 2 years of imprisonment for the abduction of their own children to Poland.

The whole story began when Natasha was 13. At that time she was growing up with her foster parents who, for the sake of higher social benefits, arranged for the following diagnosis to be written down in her medical records: “non-specified mental retardation manifested by misbehavior”. Although Natasha was fighting fit, her foster parents received significantly higher social benefits for two years on account of fraud committed by one of the doctors who was their friend.

Media coverage of Barnevernet scandals is working well. Norway is making a volt-face.

Media coverage of Barnevernet cases is slowly beginning to bear fruit in Norway itself. Last year´s developments might also bring hope to Eva Michaláková and her children. The present situation is in no way comparable to the one at the end of 2014.

The shift is enormous. And Norway itself is waking up to the fact that the faux pas of the local child-protection service are nowadays subject of public debate. I have written earlier about the story of Natasha and Erik whose twins were taken away on the basis of an extremely dubious expert opinion and then returned. This case was far from being the only one.

Is Medical Kidnapping big pharma’s new dirty decret?

Big Pharma has another dirty secret that mainstream media is intentionally keeping from you. Nope, it’s not another pharmaceutical class-action lawsuit for killing and maiming thousands. Nor is it the suppression or intentional sabotage of a natural substance for the treatment of cancer. This is something that is every parent’s horrifying nightmare… especially a parent who is well educated in natural and alternative health.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you get the devastating news that your 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer. As a good parent, you want to learn as much as possible about treatment options and you immediately scour the web for information.

Educated mother sees the real side of child protection

My mom initiated victims services in her home town...and a few years later quit...hands tied when trying to help between RCMP and child welfare..she had enough...then worked with the FCFS...

So very educated (aka brainwashed)..hook line and sinker with lead boots. UNTIL she had to deal with the system personally. She got a real eye opener... She knows they're "Gods"... and always thought that anyways because of her "education" ..but she saw how they ACTUALLY operate and was none too happy with our "false gods." The rose colored glasses got smashed.

Our politicians, the authorities and other supporting networks of child protection need their rose colored glasses smashed too..see it for what it really is.

The rose coloured glasses effect

Funny you say "Rose colored glasses", because that's exactly what happened to me while working towards my BSW and trying to get the ones called "Child Protection" workers to PROTECT as per their mandate under the legislation in BC. I clearly and very concisely advised a "Social Worker" that I no longer wore the "rose colored glasses" she had on. The study of Social Work is nothing more than junk science, with all these "expected/desired outcomes", which boil down to government experiments on children and their families that have been made to APPEAR justified. They probably have a couple of "magic balls" too that make the delusional fairy tale endings as well. There is not ONE person in this world that can "predict" the future of a traumatized child with absolute precision. Trauma affects each and every one of them differently, as it does their families that have to pick up the pieces afterwards.

F**ked up FACS workers.

Why is it that when FACS remove kids from slightly dysfunctional families, they refuse to concede the effort the parents put in, or ever send them home.

You've given up drugs, you're doing counselling etc. putting it straight ... Do they want to sentence the kids to a lifetime of misery in OOHC?

Poorer life outcomes, more likely to take illicit drugs and alcoholism, more likely to be jailed?

You've done everything they've asked so why do they want to fuck your kids life up anymore than they have via the traumatic way they removed them.

The kids have run away, they are screaming to come home. They're extremely traumatised with what FACS did. That's not the least intrusive method.

The kids are miserable. They need to do the right thing and send them home.  All evidence proves that even kids from slightly dysfunctional families fare much better than if shoved in foster prison. 

Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community Services

These solicitors : Kim Rowley, Sam Nasti, Robert McLachlan, Kathryn Renshall, Ross Clarke and Barrister Peter Braine are the hit men for the Department and for the NSW Childrens Court.  They started a so called mentor programme when the childrens courts started in 1998.  [Their] Ex-clients strongly warn everybody to stay away from these solicitors, as they will pretend that they are working for you but have already made agreements with the department and the courts that your child will stay in care.

Peter Braine is a bully and talks down to women.  His favourite line is "Legal Aid does not pay me enough money to work on your case".  He complains about lack of money and does not take instructions from his clients.  He does not explain anything to you and will not answer emails or telephone calls.  He often states paying customers are on the top and legal aid clients are on the bottom.  He lies to his clients telling them false information and is abusive in his manner.  He is not to be trusted.  His office has paperwork all over the ground and he often loses important documents.  He will not put evidence in for you and often tells his clients false information so they will give up and walk away.

Top disability services provider Lifestyle Solutions investigated over series of deaths

One of Australia's most high-profile providers of disability services, Lifestyle Solutions, is under review by both the Victorian Government and the NSW Ombudsman after a series of deaths of its clients and other alarming reports about the abuse and neglect of some disabled people in its care.

Key points:
Failings were identified after four patient deaths
In one incident, a woman who had her legs amputated was left alone overnight and had no way to seek help
Victorian Government cancelled contract with Lifestyle Solutions after complaints