Confidential child protection files on sale at Alice Springs tip shop

The department cannot say whether the risk of the loss of the files has been fully mitigated.

Dozens of confidential documents, including a child protection investigation and a child death file, have been found at the Alice Springs tip shop, in a major privacy breach involving the Northern Territory Families department.

The files relate to 33 clients and staff members of Territory Families dating back to 2009.

Grand Chief ‘horrified’, as Alberta quietly allows organ harvesting from children who die in provincial care

“Having just learned of this policy, I am horrified, appalled and, quite frankly, mad as hell that this is happening and that it has been working quietly in the background for so long,” said Courtoreille in a statement.

With an already high number of Aboriginal children in care, a 2013 investigation conducted by the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald revealed a startling trend in the deaths of children in care in Alberta. The investigation uncovered that while only nine per cent of Alberta children are Indigenous they accounted for 78 per cent of children who have died in foster care since 1999.

The invisible foster care system

The "Parenting agreement" is in fact, a "Childcare Agreement / Voluntary Foster Care Contract", and is not really a Voluntary Agreement if it can be forfeited by court orders.

The Department of Community Services outsourced the Out of Home Care contracts to the Department of Education and Communities. The Department of Education and Communities represent and regulate all childcare providers.

Communities which is a part of the Department of Education Communities also known as Family and Children Services provide support through programs and childcare contracted by the Department of Community services formerly known as Social services (DOCS/DHS).

Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes

Pro-family advocates warn Bill 89 gives the state more power to seize children from families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting children.

Victorian school children now have involuntary weekly doctor visits: drugging without consent


In the Australian state of Victoria, a state program kicked in at the beginning of 2017 to mandate that children as young as 12 should see a doctor in school at least once a week, to receive drugs and medical treatment without parental consent.


According to the Herald Sun:


“Doctors will have the power to treat students as young as 12 in schools even if parents refuse their consent.


GPs will consult at 100 Victoria high schools for up to one day a week as part of a $43.8 million program.


Guidelines released on Thursday show that even if a parent “expressly states” that a doctor should not their child, the GP can if they deem the teen mature enough.”

Why is Ontario's Children's Aid Societies shrouded in more secrecy than CSIS?

Former Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian : "As the law stands now clients of the Ontario Children's  Aid  Society under Wynne's liberals are routinely denied  a timely (often heavily censored) file disclosure before the court begins making life altering decisions and the "clients" can not request files/disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act nor can censored information reviewed by the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario or the federal counter-part." 

As far back as 2004, Ontario's Privacy Commissioner has lobbied for oversight and accountability for the Children’s Aid Society and been completely ignored.

Fatal Care: about the series

In 2009, the Edmonton Journal asked the government of Alberta how many children had died in its care that year. The government couldn’t provide a number, nor could it answer other questions about foster care deaths. It was not new; reporters had been having trouble getting this information for years. So, the Journal put in a request to see all internal government reports related to the deaths of children in care from 1999 to 2009. The government declined, citing privacy issues. But in June 2013, after a four-year legal battle, Alberta’s access to information commission forced the government to release information on each child that had died in its care between 1999 and 2013.

Fatal Care: The deaths of Alberta children in government care

Fatal Care, Publication ban lifted

In the last 14 years, 145 children have died in government care, nearly triple the number previously reported by the province. Many, like the child this father mourns at a gravesite west of Edmonton, were just infants.
The Alberta government has dramatically under-reported the number of child welfare deaths over the past decade, undermining public accountability and thwarting efforts at prevention and reform. A six-month Edmonton Journal-Calgary Herald investigation found 145 foster children have died since 1999, nearly triple the 56 deaths revealed in government annual reports over the same period.

Former prisoner infected girl under state care with hep C before fatal overdose, inquest hears

Maria was found dead in a house in Melbourne's western suburbs in 2013.

A 16-year-old-girl who died of a drug overdose while in Victorian state care had previously been infected with hepatitis C by a recently released prisoner, an inquest has been told.

Key points:

  • The inquest is examining the actions of Maria's carers in the lead up to her death
  • The decision not to call an ambulance when Maria was found drug affected has been scrutinised
  • The case is shining a spotlight on how high-risk children are treated in state care
  • The prisoner was allegedly allowed to send letters sexually grooming Maria Liordos to her residential care unit, and sexually assaulted and used drugs with her after he was released.

Maria was found dead in a house in Melbourne's western suburbs in 2013 in the early hours of the morning, after allegedly using drugs earlier at the residential care unit, which was operated by the Salvation Army's Westcare agency.

Much of the evidence already heard by coroner Audrey Jamieson revolves around actions by Westcare staff on the night of Maria's death, and whether or not an ambulance should have been called given her drug-affected state.

DPP: Claims of cover-up as rape charges against youth worker dropped after girl in care, 14, died

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case after her death despite DNA evidence that found the odds of her attacker being innocent were “100 billion to one”.

A 14-YEAR-OLD “high-needs” girl who was repeatedly raped while in a residential foster care home is at the centre of a political storm after claims the shocking abuse was “conveniently covered up” after she died.

The Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case after her death despite DNA evidence that found the odds of her attacker being innocent were “100 billion to one”.

Family and Community Services Minister Brad Hazzard last night described the move as “beyond disturbing” and ordered the DPP, headed by Lloyd Babb SC, to “review the evidence” so it can restart proceedings to “ensure justice prevails”.

It can be revealed the “vulnerable” teen, dubbed Girl X, was also raped several times by another staff member. The youth workers were having sex with her during “sleepover shifts”.

"Belmont Baby Death"

Page: 28728

Ms PRU GOWARD: I direct my question to the Minister for Community Services. Will the Minister commit today to having the case involving the death of a baby in Belmont in December 2007 re-investigated, after revelations that a whistleblower, a caseworker from the Department of Community Services, had submitted a warning report recommending an urgent risk assessment of the family but that was never passed to police or the Child Death Review Team? Given his report could have significantly changed the then murder investigation, will the Minister have the case re-investigated? Or, will the Minister cover it up? I have his affidavits if the Minister would like access.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: This is a terribly sad case that occurred three years ago. I ask members to listen carefully, in particular the member for Goulburn. Despite investigations by the Coroner and the New South Wales Ombudsman, the cause of death could not be determined and the baby may have been still born. In fact, this little baby probably never took a breath. I will repeat this just to make it absolutely clear.


The SPEAKER: Order! Members will listen to the Minister in silence.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: Separate investigations by the Coroner, the police and the Ombudsman have been carried out and not one of those experts or professionals has ever identified any grounds to substantiate a charge of murder—

The SPEAKER: Order! The Leader of the Opposition will cease interjecting.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: —or found any basis to support the allegations of a cover-up.

Mr Barry O'Farrell: He does not have access to the case worker.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: If you can just hold your tongue for one minute, you will find out.

The SPEAKER: Order! A question has been asked on a serious matter and the Minister is giving her answer. I again ask members to listen to the Minister in silence.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: How utterly irresponsible of the member for Goulburn to start smearing a family with the gravest of possible charges, all without a shred of evidence to support such a charge. The member for Goulburn evidently launched this crusade against this family not only without evidence but also without any thought of what those kinds of allegations do to the other children in the family. They do not deserve this. I know from some of the letters I have received from the member for Goulburn that she fancies herself as a bit of a social worker. She now seems to think she is also a judge and a jury.

Ms Pru Goward: Point of order: Standing Order 129—it was a very direct question: Will the Minister re-investigate the matter?

The SPEAKER: Order! Members will come to order. The Minister's response is clearly relevant to the question.

Ms LINDA BURNEY: The allegations of a cover-up in this matter are simply absurd. Community Services conducted an internal review to examine whether there was anything the agency could learn from this case because there are always things we can learn, or might do differently with the benefit of hindsight. We recognise that and that is exactly why a review of this case was conducted. The Opposition knows all of that because it has a copy of the review report. The Opposition requested information under freedom of information and it was provided. The Opposition also asked questions on notice, which were answered. So where is the cover up? Where is the secrecy? The internal review focused on the way the case was managed prior to the tragedy. Community Services was never made aware of the pregnancy, nor received any reports about the existence of the unborn baby, until the discovery of the body. The mother in question kept her pregnancy to herself.

All information about this case, including findings of the Coroner and police were provided to the Child Death Review Team. Furthermore, all of the Community Services information about this family was provided to the Special Commission of Inquiry. Where is the cover up? It would be laughable if it were not so horrifying to think that the member for Goulburn is holding herself up as ready to take on the responsibility of the Community Services portfolio. Families in New South Wales be warned! I am aware that the employee of Community Services was quoted in a media report. I am concerned about confidentiality. The investigation of that staff member had nothing to do with this case. This matter was completely unrelated to the death of the baby in Belmont. Any allegation of that kind is serious and an investigation was undertaken. The findings of that investigation led to disciplinary action, which was eventually settled in the Industrial Relations Commission.  (Source :

Justice for Kyisha Griffiths Cottom

Kyisha Griffiths Cottom was removed from her mother by the NSW Department of Community Services because she was a victim of domestic violence.

Like most cases involving DoCS, the mother was crucified, not offered any assistance or support to be able to leave the situation, and she was turned instantly into a surrogate for the system that pretends to care for children and families.

Caseworkers chose their normal "modus operandi", and just ripped the kids from the parent who loved them, gave them to complete strangers and tried to pretend that they just have a complete new family now, and this stranger who is female, they must refer to now as "mummy".

In the time period that Kyisha was "under the care" of the department, she was moved around more times than fifteen foster homes - not exactly stable now is it.  She was then repeatedly returned to Allambi House Group Home which is where she died of a drug overdose.

"Another two year old toddler killed in care of DoCS NSW"

Another toddler has drowned in foster care after being removed from his mother just three weeks earlier.  Many mainstream news outlets have publicised the death, but there has not been one mention that the child, Braxton, was prematurely taken from his mother, prior to supports being provided as per usual, and placed in the care of more lousy and careless foster carers who only care for the money the child will bring them, and not the child himself.

Time and time again, children die in the so-called "care" of the department, without anybody being held accountable.

Braxton was only two years old and his life was taken by the agency that purports to be there to protect children.  It is time charges are laid for carers who kill children in their care.

Coroner’s pledge on William Tyrrell

The NSW Coroner will hold an inquest into the suspected death of missing three-year-old William Tyrrell, who disappeared from his grandmother’s home on the state’s mid-north coast in September 2014.

An exchange of correspond­ence, seen by The Australian, confirms that “an inquest will proceed in William’s case” after it was referred to Coroner Michael Barnes for consideration in Jan­uary 2015.

The story of four children who recently died whilst in foster care

Here is the story of the four children, one my own, and the three others belonging to other parents that I have met in the last year since my son died.

Like the others in our sad little group, I do not like to talk about what happened to my beautiful son, Luke Borusiewicz. I will say one thing, when I look at the photos of our last visit together, I can see the love for me in his eyes, on his poor little scratched face. Two days later a scratch on his penis that needed him to be taken to the doctor it was so severe. They ignored pleas from myself and Lukes mother. These people answer to noone.

I have the parents of these deceased children's permission to discuss it though, and to cast it into the public light. None of us want our children to be forgotten, and we all want justice. I know it is inevitable that I will meet more parents whose children have died in foster care due to this departments blatant negligence. If you know of anyone, please send them to me, it is time that we all came together, and expose what has, is and will be happening.... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Here is my profile on facebook...!/pro...

This department believes that 100% of it's workers are right, 100% of the time. Nobody is perfect, we all know that. I tried and tried and tried to get my son back. Ask any one of the thousand who have been wronged by these child safety departments Australia wide, to these workers, many of the senior ones especially, this is some sick sort of game, where their prejudices and narrow mindedness is at the forefront, they are right no matter what, and if there is a personality clash, watch out, your child is going to pay for it.

" News Inquest into death of Adelaide care home boy who died after eating dirt and stones"

A CORONIAL inquest is being held into the death of an Adelaide boy, 9, who ate stones and dirt while at a care home.

Deputy State Coroner Anthony Schapel today began hearing evidence int the April 2011 death of Lawrence Betts.

Lawrence was living at a respite facility for children with special needs at the time of his death in April 2011 and was under the guardianship of the Minister for Families and Communities.

He was was born with an intellectual disability, a cleft palate and also suffered from pica - an eating disorder which caused him to eat non-food items that he found around him.

Today, Mr Schapel heard evidence that a post-mortem found stones, soil and a dehydrated rice in his body.

The post mortem found the cause of death was sigmoid volvulus - an intestinal obstruction.

How innocent Bailey Contable was betrayed by DOCS


Bailey Constable - Sandra Campbell and her son Chris / Pic: Craig Greenhill

HE carried four-year-old Bailey's coffin, every bit the grieving step-father. But last week in the Supreme Court, Nathan William Forrest, 22, was all smiles - flashing his family a wink and a thumbs-up after Justice Elizabeth Fullerton jailed him for a minimum of just six years for Bailey's manslaughter.

It was a nightmare end to a family's struggle with the Department of Community Services during Bailey's sad, final months.
His mother Jessica Constable wept during the hearing and maternal grandmother Karen Chapman collapsed in her husband Jeff's arms and was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Infant’s death on reality TV probed in Bridgeport

Live PD films with the Bridgeport Police Department during an evening shift in Bridgeport, Conn. on Nov. 3, 2016. Photo: Christian Abraham / Hearst Connecticut Media / Connecticut

BRIDGEPORT — TV viewers nationwide mourned 13-month-old Michael Citron’s death, broadcast on a reality show featuring local cops and law enforcement from five other cities.

Australian child protection still failing Sarah Westley's legacy

Ange Love Kiszko of Australia lost her son Oshin to "Medical Kidnapping" - and it killed him.  

For those who understand well that children can be legally taken from parents - and then medically treated without parental consent, even at the dead end cost of of their children's death, disability,  torture, and extremely traumatising to your mental and emotional well being.

NT girl placed in care 50 times in six years was denied school and medical treatment

A Northern Territory woman who was placed into child protection more than 50 times over six years has told a royal commission she feels let down by the system.

A Northern Territory girl was placed in child protection more than 50 times over six years, during which she missed years of school, went to the dentist just once and wasn't treated for scabies, the royal commission has been told.