Have child protection workers threatened you because you have named and shamed them ?"

Do you have representation?   Are you aware of your basic human rights under the international covenants?

IE If DoCS allow their solicitor to even mention something NOT to do with child protection or your matter or your whistleblowing, the solicitor is putting themselves in a very precarious position of which they can lose their job.

"Article 19 states Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 20 states (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and (2) No one may be compelled to belong to an association."

Murder, abuse, organized crime, racketeering, corrupt judges, attorneys, guardian adlitem, child protection services, mental health care providers, and anyone else who stands to make a profit on the backs of our children! Guilty!!!

They call this a “Sleep Study!”,  We call it “Cashin’ In;” and using this 5 year-old boy Joseph to do it!  This is a disgrace!  Nothing more, Nothing less!  This is a perfect picture of everyone getting paid.  The doctor, the social workers, the judge, the attorneys, the mental health providers, the county agency (CPS), the federal government, and of course the facility conducting these ridiculous tests on this 5-year-old son Joseph.  AGAINST THE PARENTS WILL!

The Family Unit is alive, but not well; arguably the backbone of our very existence!  Whentorn apart, especially for no good reason, it’s quickly doomed to live out its existence in pieces; and it’s pieces are left without purpose or reason to live a full, complete life.  We’re talkin’ about irreparable damage.  In fact, from that point it will likely deteriorate rapidly in many, many ways.  It is DEAD!  MURDERED by those that saw fit to parrot terms like “best interest of this” “best interest of that” while not actually having the best interest of anything in mind or at heart, but their very own existence.  Job Security, Money, even simply justifying their own existence in some twisted, misguided way.  It’s a disgrace!  IT IS MURDER! 

DHS Victoria removed your children? Six things your solicitor won't tell you.

Firstly, don't think for a second it's you.  You are among at least 80,000 parents who have had their children nicked Australia wide in the past few years.  Australia, imparticular NSW has the highest rate of child removal per capita of anywhere in the western world.  The problem is the complete lack of accountability and transparency, that has accumulated in caseworkers not caring for a second about the child they are supposed to be protecting, and not having to abide by any laws along the way.  This also applies for the lawyers, the foster care agencies, other NGO's and court reporters as well as magistrates, who do nothing but rubber stamp whatever the child protection department want.  Remember, most magistrates are former lawyers, so they have barely two scruples between the lot of them.

Anyway, there are some things that you can educate yourself with, relating to children and family court proceedings in Victoria.

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Why does Melbourne Children's Court allow DHS solicitors to run the show?

The idea of a court is that two parties put forward their stories, their evidence and the magistrate makes  a decision based upon the legislation and requirements of government departments, and the statements of the parties, particularly that which is backed up with credible evidence.

So when a kidnapping is involved, why would anybody, particularly a magistrate, allow unsubstantiated evidence and statements to be given heavy weight when deciding if the kidnap is credible.

Foster Care corruption still being ignored

The Department of Community Services/Child Protection NSW totally ignores all complaints concerning the Corruption / Victimisation / Bullying / Theft / Trafficking and Abuses of Children in Care / OOHC NSW by Parents / Grandparents / Family Members / Siblings and any other interested party of Children in [apparent] care of Community Services / Child Protection NSW.

So far hundreds upon hundreds of these complaints have been redirected back to the abusive Case Workers / Case Managers / Client Services Managers whom the serious complaints refer to, this has been done by a substandard letter from the DoCS past CEO Annette Gallard etc without any investigation whatsoever re: THE UNTOUCHABLES...meanwhile thousands of our children are suffering under the care of the state, due to their refusal to investigate or address these serious complaints.

DoCS Wollongong successfully win court orders to place children with a convicted paedophile.

It is rumoured, that today DoCS put three kids with their convicted paedophile father at Wollongong.  DoCS said "we know he [Raymond] is a convicted paedophile.  But he has changed.  He has been to jail for the conviction".

He has groomed the same children, his own children, for paedophile purposes.  DoCS have taken the three children from their grandparents, to put them with their paedophile father.

DoCS have refused to give counselling and support to their grandparents.

It does make you wonder though, doesn't it.  Paedophiles get access and custody of innocent children - thanks to retarded DoCS workers, murderers of babies get contact with their other children, yet innocent parents who control-freak DoCS workers don't like have their children hidden from them until they're eighteen years old.

Is there a decision ever made by this department that IS in the best interest of ANY child!

Cootamundra DoCS Office involved in Forced Sterilisations

Rebecca Cartright from Department of Community Services at Cootamundra in Central NSW recently forced sterilised a mother whom had her newborn stolen with yet again out any evidence.  Rebecca Cartright told this mother that unless she had a hystorectomy she would be prevented from ever seeing her beautiful daughter "AMY" again.

Seems like Nazi Germany is still here and that Eugenics has forced its way back into this country again.  Sadly enough neither the Ombudsman nor the Minister for Community Services have any interest in dealing with the corrupt and blatant violations of human rights that exists each and every day within their department, as each plea for help goes ignored.

Australian children's courts magistrates using tactics similar to bull fighting when dealing with cases

A devastating, cruel and callous decision by Magistrate Cain (a former intellectual property lawyer), was handed down in less than an hour after all persons involved in the childrens matter had finished giving evidence.  The mother declined to be cross-examined by Victoria's Department of Human Services legal personnel, after successfully cross-examining and proving multiple lies and misinformation by the department, which was used to remove her five month old boy.

OPED: Post-Penn State paranoia harming York County children

When it comes to willful ignorance, it’s hard to match Pennsylvania legislators. They pass law after law encouraging anyone and everyone to report anything and everything to ChildLine, the state’s child abuse “hotline,” and then claim to be shocked — shocked — when counties can’t cope with the flood of new calls.

But far worse than the harm these laws are doing to budgets is the harm they are doing to children.

Thousands more children are being subjected to the trauma of needless child abuse investigations. Strangers are at the door, asking terrifying questions about the most intimate aspects of their lives. And in many cases, the workers are leaving with the children — consigning them needlessly to the chaos of foster care, even as other children, in real danger, are overlooked.

In York County, between 2010 and 2014, the number of children torn from their families over the course of a year soared by 55 percent — and that was just in the wake of the hysteria following the revelations about Jerry Sandusky. The new laws, passed by a legislature fed misleading claims and eager to look tough on child abuse, are likely to make things even worse.

“What do you expect?” some might ask. “With so many more people reporting child abuse, of course more children are being taken.”  But when well-meaning people are constantly encouraged to report even their slightest suspicions, most of those suspicions will be wrong. In other cases, “mandated reporters” almost certainly are calling in reports they think have no merit because they’re afraid of what will happen to them if they don’t.

It’s happening even though there is no evidence that mandatory reporting laws make children safer.

Bodnariu Family and the permanent destruction of families

Since weeks there have been demonstrations against the Norwegian child protection services ‪#‎stopbarnevernet, in support of the Budnariu family.

And it continues. Massive protest of Romanians are being organised all over the world. See the above picture taken in Brussels.

Sadly it rarely gets connected to the broader child rights policy issue.

The European Parliaments Petition Committee heard horror stories about what happens in the UK. Forced adoptions. Instead of temporary child protection, children are permanently taken from their families. Adoption as child care measure? Like in the United States, where children are also “freed” for adoption?

Member of the European Parliament Victor Bostinaru about forced adoptions, adoptions without consent:

The US has not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and sees adoption as a child protection measure. That was not the European view, in 2004, when the European Commission was monitoring Romania’s child rights policies. And thus forced Romania to stop this practice. See report of the Independent Panel of Experts on Family Law.

But, the EU took a u-turn. And now promotes adoption, including intercountry adoption, as child protection.

The first results are there. Denmark, for example, has now legislated forced adoption. So does Bulgaria. Bulgaria now is one of the biggest exporter of children. Portugal now sends children to the Netherlands, Belgium, France.

The European adoption agencies have difficulties to get children from abroad. The intercountry adoption system has imploded. Some 70 % down over the last years.

They are all financially dying. Scandal after scandal about trafficking, abduction, corruption brought the system down. So, now the agencies are exploring new markets.

Euradopt, the European Umbrella organisation of adoption agencies, now invited speakers from the UK to their 2016 conference. To speak about adoption from foster care.

The migrant families in Norway and the UK are now getting support from their home countries and fellow country men. But that is not the case for families who lose their children to their national child protection services.

Bulgarian families are crying out loud that their children are put for adoption. Child rights workers complain that there is no support for families. Just take their children…

When Indian families of children that were taken by the Indian child protection and placed for intercountry adoption were protesting, there was no massive outcry.

Some of these children were even kidnapped and sold on to “orphanages.

India is now implementing the new gold standard: Integrated Child Protection System. Target: to increase adoptions with 500%.

The American Agency Holt International Children’s Services estimates the costs of such adoptions between 30.000 and 50.000 dollar.

In the meantime, the European Parliament seems to have forgotten the crying parents, and is pushing for cross-border adoption rules and EU wide acceptance of domestic adoption decisions, to cater the LGTBI (because not all EU Member States accept adoptions by LGTBI couples).

The Bodnariu case is a terrible drama. And exemplary of what we will see anywhere in future. Children taking permanently away from their families. A disproportionate measure that should be an extreme measure. But not a “normal” measure of child protection.

Child protection should be about empowering families. Not destroying them.

It is high time to connect worldwide and stand up!

 Source : http://www.againstchildtrafficking.org/2016/02/bodnariu-family-and-the-permanent-destruction-of-families/

Dear DoCs: PT 2

NOTE: This article discusses strong themes of child abuse that some may find upsetting.
Please remember when reading this article that while no identifying information is given, every example used is a short version of a true story. The examples used are real, the issues discussed are real and the problem is very real. If you have anything you’d like to add to this story, please email us.
Also note that while Department of Community Services (DoCS) has now transitioned to Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), the term DoCS is still used colloquially and as such, is used in this article.

Dear DoCS,

In the short time since my last letter, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many like-minded people who are aware of the issues you’ve got. In fact, there are definite themes surrounding some of the issues I highlighted in our last letter and some that I’m yet to discuss.

For now, let’s start with transparency.  In discussing the contents of my last letter with followers of Facebook page The Little Girl That Nobody Wanted, it was agreed that there is a major issue with the secrecy you hold so dearly.

Let me ask you this: if wards of the state (that is, foster kids) live through the experiences that you note on your systems, why do you need to restrain information? Using my own experience as an example, I enquired about reading my case file several years ago. I was told that I would not receive a physical copy nor would I be entitled to all the information. I was told that it would take approximately 6-12 weeks to “prepare the documents for viewing” as many parts had to be taken out. Curious, I asked what parts and why. I was told any information that identified anyone other than myself was not available to see. This included foster families, etc.

Now, I would understand any foster parents who rejected me before I even landed on their doorstep.  I’d understand any identifying information of any reports made regarding me. I’d understand any persons that may have an AVO against me. However, I never had any of these, other than homes that rejected me due to different reasons.

Why is it that I can live in someone’s home, be a part of their family for whatever length of time I was there and be a part of their lives yet not be entitled to see the names of those who cared for me nor the addresses of the places I lived in?

Negligence from Sacramento CPS resulted in 6-week-old Baby Macey being found dead in her car seat

.June 6, 2016 DailyHaze
Baby Macey dead Sacramento CPS
Written By: Meko Haze 6/6/2016

On March 21, of this year, Macey Clara was brought into the world. Macey’s parents decided they were not able to take care of their daughter and opted for the paternal grandmother Tracey Rhodd to take custody.

On March 25, Baby Macey went home with Rhodd, but her time with Rhodd would be short lived. Just over a week old, the Sacramento, California CPS removed the baby from the grandmother on April 1.

Rhodd was told that Baby Macey needed to be with approved foster parents. However, Rhodd was fully capable of providing care for Macey.

Rhodd fought to get custody of Baby Macey. She was told that she could eventually receive custody, but in the meantime, she used visitation to continue forming a bond with her granddaughter. Rhodd was doing all of the necessary paperwork and determined to be granted custody.

Macey’s aunt, Jess Chaudhry, told Daily Haze that the foster parents who received Macey were both over the age of 60. The elderly couple already had four foster children, two of which were 2-year-old and the other two both were 3-years-old.

Rhodd had concerns if Baby Macey, being a newborn, would receive enough attention from the foster parents. When Rhodd asked why she was not allowed to take her granddaughter CPS told her she had not passed her background check. In 2001, Rhodd was going through a divorce and received a violation of a restraining order.

The decision came as a shock to Rhodd, mainly since she was a foster for Macey’s cousin in 2012, for six months. While CPS allowed her to take care of her first grandchild, they would only allow her to see Macey for 2-hours a week, which she did.

Rhodd was told that she would have Macey back in a maximum of 30-days, but CPS continuously managed to push back her home inspection. The constant cancellations delayed Rhodd from getting Macey back, despite being told it would only be a month tops. Little did she know that Baby Macey would not be returning to her custody.

On May 2, 2016, under 2-months since Macey was placed into CPS custody, the Sacramento Sheriff Chaplain came to Rhodd’s house to inform her that Baby Macey was dead.

Baby Macey’s foster parents had placed the young child in a car seat and neglected to check on her all night. The foster parents claim that they opened the door to the room Baby Macey was in and looked in around midnight. The 911 call was placed after Macey was found dead at roughly 8:45 am.

Rhodd is still waiting on the final coroner report. The coroner let her know that he had questions about the death. The main question being why the Macey was left in a car seat without being checked on for such an extended period.

CPS had no answers for Rhodd. In fact, they never even contacted them to notify them that Macey had passed away. Instead, they ignored Rhodd’s calls. The biological father was never notified. The Sacramento CPS acted as if it had never happened. When Rhodd was finally able to get in contact with CPS, they were not even aware that Macey had passed.

Chaudhry claims that CPS said they would pay for the funeral, but they would dispose of the ashes. The family would not receive them. Later, CPS said they would give her $5,000 towards funeral costs. When Rhodd questioned why her phone calls had been ignored, she claims she was told that a supervisor had told them not to contact her due to fear that media would find out what happened.

Now this heartbroken family is left with questions surrounding the death of this baby. Why did the foster parents not check on a 6-week-old baby all night long? Why was Baby Macey sleeping in a car seat all night long in the first place? Why did this elderly couple with four other foster children receive custody over the grandmother? If the grandmother had received custody, Macey would most likely still be alive today.

The family wants justice for Baby Macey. Along with being ignored by CPS, local media in the area has ignored them as well, forcing the family to take to social media to beg for people to help get the word out. Nothing will bring Baby Macey back, but someone needs to be held accountable for her untimely death. This tragedy is a perfect example of how Child Protective Services can fail a family. The system is broken, and often we find children like Macey ending up in foster care instead of with willing and able family members.

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Is Thays Caroline Chaves, the woman that strangled her child to get back at her ex, dead or in jail?
A viral picture of a woman’s stretch marks shows how cruel people can be.
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THE NEGLECTED: Leaked classified file from the Kansas DCF shows their neglect in the murder of a 4-month-old.

Dear Docs

NOTE: This article discusses strong themes of child abuse that some may find upsetting.
Please remember when reading this article that while no identifying information is given, every example used is a short version of a true story. The examples used are real, the issues discussed are real and the problem is very real. If you have anything you’d like to add to this story, please email us.
Also note that while Department of Community Services (DoCS) has now transitioned to Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS), the term DoCS is still used colloquially and as such, is used in this article.

Dear DoCS,

We have a problem. No, I take that back. You have a problem. Your employees have a problem. Your entire system has a problem. I understand that the idea of DoCS is a great thing – protect the helpless children, love them, care for them, provide them with safety they don’t get with their natural parents!  Or help out parents in need!  That’s why you have the Brighter Futures program isn’t it?

So, how are you managing to get it so utterly wrong?  How have you managed to deviate into such systematic failure?  I know you’ll claim you don’t.  That you do what you can, that you’re “short staffed”, “underfunded”, “inundated”.  So why do the cases you do take on become so deeply entangled in your lies, corruption and deceit?

I’ve spoken to many people recently regarding your short comings.  I shed many tears for their heart-breaking stories.  I felt a familiar pang of hurt and related to many of their stories.

It leads to me question your motives.  When children are unsettled, begging for their parents – unfit or otherwise – why do you continue to limit visitation?  Surely, DoCS, the children aren’t to blame for their parent’s mistakes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying send children home to drug addicts and violent people, I’m saying let the children maintain reasonable contact with their parents.

Are organisations like Sydney In-Home Care fostering children without parents knowledge?

More exciting proof on the Sydney in Home Care page, which is the childcare/ foster care provider that is "fostering" children - without their parents knowledge - in their own home.  It states on their page that they are funded by community services under flexible services heading (see attached page Sydney in home care).

We first assumed Community services meant Department of Community Services,  and started to research a bit more and discovered they are contracted by non government services (NGOs) but go through a few different service providers first so it appears they are not connected with Docs --- incredibly clever and sneaky.

From In-Home Child Care to Foster Care without your knowledge

In 2009 under the Keep them safe reforms the Department of community services out sourced foster care contracts to Non government services such as Care south, Catholic care, Anglicare, Mission Australia, these Non government services have now In home care foster care model brokered through the Department of Education and Communities ( we need the list of the NGOS that hold the foster care contracts) Non government agencies who hold these contract's are brokering childcare providers as a foster care system.

Childcare providers are given funding for out of home care packages, once a parent signs a parenting agreement, or the Department of Community Services orders Court Orders that a parent must use an In home care service or a childcare service provider.  Children accrue their time-frame in the foster care system, within the childcare provider - which turns into permanent care orders or Adoption - as they have spent the time frame needed in the foster care system through childcare, and parents have given their permission through a parenting agreement - which is giving the minister your parental responsibility.

Guardianship orders are given to whatever non-government service (NGO) has brokered the childcare provider on the parent's behalf.

Judge calls for reform after Family Court ruling





A family court judge has lashed out at flaws in the system after he was forced to allow a seven-year-old girl to live with her father, despite the fact that she told a court psychiatrist that he had sexually abused her.

According to a report by the Australian, the Family Court judge who presided over the custody battle had no choice but to give the father custody of the child as the Tasmanian Department of Human Services had failed to intervene in the care of the girl and her nine-year-old brother. 

But federal family law judges have no power to force state child welfare departments to intervene in particular cases.

Judge Robert Benjamin slammed the “arcane division” between the state’s child welfare and the federal family court system for leaving children exposed to “abuse and neglect” in his judgment, calling for law reform by state and commonwealth policymakers.

The girl alleged that her father hurt her by touching her “in the wrong places”, an assessment by a court-appointed child psychiatrist found there was a “concerning constellation of risk factors for sexual abuse present”. 

The risks included the daughter’s disclosure of abuse to her mother and a non-family member, the children’s sexualised behaviour, the father’s interest in teenage partners and his high use of pornography.

The foster care system in school

We were afraid the foster care system was in school.  Now it is looking very much like it is so. If the Department of education and communities and docs contract out  child care as foster care placements why not schools? Any children they missed out in preschool they get later in school.  This is probably why they  recently put in the significant risk of harm if children do not attend school. 


NSW Child Protection's new nazi-style tactics deny parents any chance of restoration of their children from the flourishing Foster-Care-Prisons

In recent months, Pru Goward, Minister for Community Service NSW, made announcements that people with vacant rooms in public housing, should move out to smaller units/homes or pay more for their accommodation.  Biggest area's with "vacant" bedrooms were Liverpool and Campbelltown areas in NSW.

What has not been considered, also, is that there are many parents out there, unfairly fighting her Child Protection Caseworkers, where their children have been unlawfully removed by rogue caseworkers who are accountable to nobody, and hence, we have "vacant" rooms.

Many cases are being dragged out for years, because the department has an unlimited war chest when it comes to litigating to take children, and there are no prerequisites for departmental personnel to gain legal representation, as there is with children and parents.

Child care agreements

Docs and the courts put in orders for supports services, and people aren’t that worried as the support services will usually be an early child care service in your home or a day care centre - and these programs are foster care.  We have attached the most important act below that governs a lot of these legislations, it is an important act to learn about.

*  Attachment children and young persons care and protection Act - *This act is appalling so you seek out a non government service, but you don’t know it is funded by Docs, and then Docs can decide whatever they think is needed in regards to your child, even though you might have accessed that service for a totally different reason than what Docs agenda is.