"Pru Goward pulls the trigger on Weapons of Mass Destruction"

Pru Goward has done absolutely NOTHING to clean up the corruption of DOCS NSW so far. Caseworkers are still stealing children from innocent parents, are still not accountable for their corruption and criminal misconduct and RESTORATION is NOT happening!

She has a political opportunity to stop the New Stolen Generation BY DOCS but instead she is choosing to ignore the atrocities being committed daily to children in care and innocent parents by her Department.

Her only achievement so far is to make a deal with big business NGO's and hand them millions of dollars to continue their abuse of children in care as they have done for decades and none of these NGO's will have any intention of restoring children to the rightful care of their parents because that would be bad for their business which is to make money so they will focus only on increasing the number of children they manage and concentrate on doing the least they possibly can for the children to improve their profit margins....NGO's are a proven weapon of mass destruction and history will evidence that Pru Goward pulled the trigger and destroyed the New Stolen Generation by DOCS NSW.

Stop destroying lives ... BRING OUR CHILDREN HOME

"Pru Goward - Minister for Community Services, Chair Shiners, Child Slavery, Collosal StuffUps!"

puppet on strintsIts been over a year since Pru Goward started receiving her Ministerial pay packet .

But Pru Goward is just another puppet on a string viz Theatrical Prop for Department of Community Services NSW.

This is a woman who stated how badly she wanted this portfolio , and also stated that children would start going home. Yet children have already lost their lives on her watch and now the abusers of the past NGO's are being handed innocent children on a platter that will bring them Billions over the next few years.

Why doesn't Pru Goward sit down for a chat with a few Forgotten Australians, Child Migrants, Stolen Generation and Forced Adoption Victims and hear of the rape, buggery, beatings and trauma that was caused by NGO's.

"Pru Goward Boards the Corruption Train ... Full Steam Ahead."

  1. Ward of the State fee67There are 39,000 Children all up under DoCS /Facs NSW
  2. The Children in care of the State of NSW today ...Will be the Forgotten Australians of tommorow.
  3. Pru Goward states she desperately wanted the job of Community Services Minister

Before Pru got the job she also stated she would start sending children home to thier parents and families.
This is because she recieved literally hundreds upon hundreds of emails, letters and visits from parents and families of stolen children whilst in opposition and knew exactly what was going on in Child Protection NSW prior to the State election of March 2011.

Pru Goward is just another theatrical puppet for Government enforced Foster Mills headed up by Corporate NGO's, the old adage of State & Church now joined by Corporate blood sucking parasites who aim to earn as much dirty lucre as they can from the misery of NSW families and thier innocent children. The campaign is one of fear and class cleansing in order to employ thousands of middle class workers to assist the new corporate NGO's in thier supply on demand modus operandi.

Community Services NSW would have the general public believe that the caseworker exodus is due mainly to under funding and job pressures. Caseworkers are walking away from thier employement in child protection NSW due to work place bullying by superiors and managers who are forcing young caseworkers to go with the flow or suffer the consequences.These bullying Case Managers have been successfully indoctrinated by the hostile, toxic and malicious system that it is now better known as. FosterCarers are being bullied and victimised every bit as much as the parents of children who do not warrant State Care.

The complaints system is an absolute joke as it simply does NOT exist. The system will tell the complainant to refer back to the caseworker the complaint refers to..hows that for a major Governmental department joke. Annette Gallard DoCs CEO and damage controller who retired last year sent out substandard letters to hundreds of complainants on behalf of the Minister stating exactly the above...please refer your complaint back to the caseworker your complaint refers to.. By the way..Annette Gallard was successful in changing the Human Tissues ACTand led the review to have all State Wards made compulsory organ donors.One can only imagine the size of Miss Gallards retirement cheque.

Since Pru Goward became the new puppet on the string ...

We have thousands of innocent children being handed over to many of the abusers of the past ...i'm sure a great percent of us have read the recent demands for a Royal Commission into the Catholic Church and State institutional abuses of innocent children and Justice Woods got it so wrong when he recommended this tragic move.. The pityful sorries that have come about in the recent two from these churches and institutions do nothing for the one million victims who suffered being raped, buggarised and beaten as children in thier care and now we are going to entrust them all over again because of one meaningless word.
Forced adoptions are back in fashion and as you stated 18 years in state wardship via long term or permanent care equates to forced adoption..mind you the NSW politicians are all over adopion of children in care at the moment, thier gearing up to adopt out hundreds of children The labour wards are being raided all over NSW by DoCs baby snatchers , new borns less than an hour old are being ripped from their mothers arms before they are breast fed and delivered to

"Pru Goward pushing to abandon our basic human rights"

30803-clip-art-graphic-of-a-scared-and-nervous-brown-dog-cowering-with-his-tail-tucked-between-his-hind-legs-by-djartPru Goward has recently released the Child Protection Reforms Discussion Paper entitled "Child Protection: Legislative Reform Legislative proposals: Strengthening parental capacity, accountability and outcomes for children and young people in State care".

We're taking a punt on the fact that many caseworkers are whinging about the Preliminary DoCS Complaints Registers, and regardless of whether they are or not, guilty of the alleged offence, Minister Goward is taking the offensive in that her Caseworkers aren't committing the crimes they have been accused of on the registers.

Sadly enough, Alecomm staff have viewed enough casefiles to know this is not true, and that too many caseworkers are getting away with blue murder, and the destruction of thousands of children's lives, all to just punish ghosts of their own past.

With so much documentation proving that caseworkers are committing crimes, including kidnap and blackmail, violating the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights of both parents and children, and committing offences in the courts, offences that attract up to fourteen years plus jail, it is absolutely astounding that the Minister is turning a blind eye to it all.

Hurdles to adoption torn down - Pru Goward ignores the new stolen generation she has created and gives those responsible more powers.

Absolutely disgusting that the politician who portrays herself as a "protector of children", should be apologising for forced adoption while at the same time bringing these laws back in, not to mention the media laws she is also seeking to enforce designed to cover up this evil.

Gagging orders such as are in force in the UK whereby any parent speaking out about the legal kidnapping of their children wil be jailed. Over 100 parents are currently in jail in the UK after speaking out about the blatant theft of their children who have become nothing more than a commodity to the UK government, and now to Pru Goward.

How wrong is this? This will automatically turn foster carers against parents who already have a department whose mode of operation is based on discrediting and belittling parents from the first contact. All rights are removed from the parents and there is little or no legal funding to ensure a fair investigation. Only 3% of parents who lose their children to these "government endorsed predators" are proven to have abused or neglected their children in a court of law.

We really need to get control freaks out of our government.

We really need to get control freaks out of our government. They're supposed to be public servants not Lords and masters. As someone who has suffered the irrational and corrupt way that child services deals with innocent parents I can say with confidence that unless your child is being starved, beaten, hog tied and kept in a dungeon they are better off with you than our crooked child agencies.

DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children

*** ADOPTION CHILDREN ... WHERE DO THEY REALLY COME FROM? FIRSTLY, DoCS aren't damned if they do or damned if they don't remove children. They just prefer to take #kids from #parents who are easy targets - usually the ones who would rely on state funded #LegalAid to TRY and keep their kids.

They routinely choose to ignore kids who are being abused - even placing kids with #paedophiles - in order to perpetuate that myth that only the really abused kids are taken. And mostly it works. And yes, 80%. This is based on many years auditing casefiles for #compliance with #law - to ensure that only children who are being #abused or #neglected are removed. Alecomm hasn't audited one single case yet where #docs workers haven't broken the law. Not one in over a decade.

UK Children, Families and Social Services cases

Paediatrician David Southall was struck off the medical register after twice accusing parents of murdering their children. He was called before the GMC again over a further series of allegations, which were found to be proved last month. Five mothers whom he wrongly accused of deliberately hurting, and in one case killing, their children, gave evidence to the hearing. Their accounts gave a chilling insight into the consequences of so-called "sleep study" tests that he conducted on 4,500 of his young patients during the eighties and nineties.

Legal notice and notice of hearing - Maine DHHS

Maine Department of Health & Human Services MAINE DISTRICT COURT IN RE: Safe Haven Baby Girl Docket. No.: BAN-PC
n/k/a Grace A. S.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO John Doe, said name being fictitious, father, as well as Jane Doe, said name being fictitious, mother, whereabouts unknown:

The Plan

Fall....my thoughts turn to "Our Jakie" at one of those awful visits with caseworker, Holly Masters Litton sitting inches away from us in a cubicle food stamp office that was 8 feet by 8 feet (maybe). She would sit there and stare at me trying to intimidate as we played games and tried to have fun. It didn't take her long to figure out I can't be intimidated.

This type of psychological warfare and manipulation is common from the caseworker to the families of origin.

Intimidating, belittling, manipulation of facts, lies, estrangement and deceit in an attempt to gain psychological control of the #TAKEN child, IS the status quo of the caseworker.

The Baptism

There are days where I do not believe I can even take one more breath. Moments where I cannot bear one more thought of what has happened to Jake and I. The loss, a palatable, bitter bile in the back of my throat that burns, and does not go away when I swallow.

I dared not open the album of his baptism. Until this morning.

As a Christian and a joyous Catholic these photos were made at the time of THE most precious event in the life of the Catholic family....a child's baptism.

I was filled with joy to perpetuate my faith in Christ in my grandson.

The waters of my Baptism had reached across all the years of my life and brought me home to the Mother Church. I would now share that with Jake thru the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.

It was the single most important thing I could do for him, knowing my health issues and that even if I were not there....my church would be.

These photos are a document to this most joyous time in my life. Taken on a morning when this high strung little boy was especially charming for the camera.

The church had given me presents at Christmas because I was poor. When asked what I would like as a gift....I asked for a white suit for my grandson baptism, and a pair of dress shoes. On Christmas when I opened the gifts from the church ladies, there among the yarn, and a coat for me, and other sweet gifts.....was this stunning tux for Jake.

He would be the most handsome child ever baptized.....in white....just like all the other little children....a vital part of St. Eugene's. Something that I had missed out on as a Catholic....a childhood in the church. His inclusion in The Faith was so important to me. Maybe too important....because it was all taken away. There would be no future for either Jake or myself in the Catholic Church of St. Eugene.

I continued to go to mass for 2 1/2 years after Jake was #TAKEN. I did not hear a word of the weekly homily, and my role as a communion minister was filled on auto-pilot. I faithfully paid my tithes and the building fund, even S the house I lived in fell down around me. Surely, if I were faithful...God would perform a miracle and I would see Jake again.

Time moves on and no prayers were answered. Going to the church where I had known such joy became a millstone around my neck. I could barely walk in the door, much less smile and pretend that I loved the Lord and the Lord loved me.

I know deep inside my heart that there is a God, but for some reason, I have not found favor with Him.

So in the words of Khalil Gibran, "it is better to pass into the seasonless world where you laugh...but not all of your laughter, and cry...but not all of your tears.

I realized this morning as I opened the Baptismal album that I am indeed, suspended, between life and death, in a nightmare that I cannot awake from, heal from, or move past. As I looked, as if for the first time, at these precious photos, of a child who no longer exists....and is yet living...somewhere.

What shall I do with this unbearable existence. I do not wish this type of pain on anyone...and yet I know that thousands of struggling parents exist with me in this void. That knowledge makes this pain even more unbearable....that the God that I loved can allow this.

The adopter's worship at Lake Texoma on the weekend. Ignoring Jake's catechism and baptism. Jake will never know the joy of our community life at St. Eugene's. He will know nothing of our precious existence in our beloved church.

I ask you, is this the life of a child abused? Unloved? Not cared for? He was cherished by everyone in his family. All destroyed....for the "best interest" of this happy little boy.

I have left the church....for now....a sabbatical of sorts, to travel in the non-existence of marking time, making days go by, searching for an answer....Why?


Trigger warning

When I collected my daughter yesterday afternoon from.... I can't honestly remember what number placement this is... She disclosed details of her attempted suicide...

She has endured 2 year's sexual abuse by a foster carer's son-in-law from 2011 - 2013 she aged 11 to 14....then a group home where the house not only backed onto her old foster carer's back year but her perpetrator could see through her bedroom windows. She was further psychologically tortured by the staff at this group home....

My daughter is still with me today luckily, however I had not been told by DCP Bunbury Western Australia about her hospitalization for attempting suicide...

My little girl, only 14-15 at the time, attempted to use a knife to slash her wrists, "but I found it too blunt and tried scissors instead".
She failed to cut deep enough into her wrists so instead "I broke the scissors and just started cutting.. I couldn't stop... My arms, my legs, my stomach." she told me how she was bloodied and and no one noticed. She then told me "all poisons were loved away, so I went to the boys toilet, where I knew they kept a bottle of Bleach for when the boys do a number 2....i drank the entire bottle before someone noticed that there was blood and I had locked myself in."
She goes on to tell me, "*** the carer, took me to hospital, she was the reason I was there mum. She was so cruel telling me no one wanted me, I was a f"**k up... That no one loved me and she was my only hope" my daughter spent 2 days in hospital while a psychiatric team assessed if she should be moved to a specialist hospital in Perth.... Not once was I informed of this. I had been begging for my baby to come home, along with her siblings.. And now they can contact me, all sorts of nightmare stories are emerging.....

Children are dying in foster care. The system is inhumane and beyond cruel!! I would never have know about my babies suicide attempt unless she had been successful. I have warned dcp that if things did not change, I would be greeting body bags.... I never expected I was that close to it being the truth!

Bunbury DCP knowingly force false charges against innocent mother

I wish to share something, it is documents where all names have been removed but shows an innocent person was convicted of at least 2 crimes that DCP knew, as of 22nd January 2009, were placed upon the wrong person. The mother plead guilty, to 3x common assault and was convicted with a 12 month suspended jail sentence and an 18 month ISO. She did this to protect her children from further trauma of attending a court to testify against their mother by order of dcp. Even with evidence to convict the father, who already had 4 convictions of grievous bodily harm on a 4 year old, dcp pursued the criminal convictions against the mother. Her children were also removed, 6th, March 2009.
Evidence dcp has on file proved she was innocent 22nd January 2009, yet they continued to pursue her.
Left photo is a court reporter's investigation of dcp records. Right is the the charges faced by the innocent party that she was later convicted of in November 2009 after dcp threatened her children with further trauma.


Dandridge DCS case manager charged with filing false reports in child abuse investigation

DANDRIDGE (WATE) – A Tennessee Department of Children’s Services employee is facing charges in both Jefferson and Sevier counties.

Thursday, the Jefferson County Grand Jury returned indictments charging Brenna Elizabeth Cervino, 33, with two counts of official oppression, three counts of official misconduct, one count of filing a false report and one count of falsifying a government record.

NSW Child removal rate rise slammed

NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward has blamed a "punitive" and "risk-averse" culture in child-protection departments for the spiralling rate of Aboriginal children in the out-of-home care system that dwarfs the numbers in other parts of the country.

More than 8 per cent of Aboriginal children in NSW have been removed from their families, a situation the peak body for indigenous childcare services is now openly comparing to another Stolen Generations.

The Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care will this week launch a national campaign to reduce the numbers of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care, calling for greater investment in early intervention and support services for struggling families.

"Removing children seems to be a knee-jerk, almost first response," said SNAICC chief executive Frank Hytten. "We need to work much, much harder at the prevention end and the reunification end."

Foster care and it's horrible truth

Every day we see more and more horror stories about foster care, more and more children are either dying or being abused while in care. The public may think that these children would be abused if they had of stayed with their biological parent and in some cases this is in fact very true. However, we have things call 4 week, 6 week, 6 month and 12 month orders we also have 18 year orders of which go through the judicial system called the family youth court. A lot of people may be surprised to hear this but for any child protection order, the claims do not have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt but simply on a balance of probabilities. This means that children are court ordered away from their parents because there is a chance something may happen. This does not mean it will, ever has or ever would happen. Now, this means that claims from phone line and in person complaints can be used and called evidence against you in the court room. This means that anyone can call in and say that you're taking drugs, abusing your children, not feeding them & beating them without any of these things actually happening. It is assumed that CPS will not involve themselves unless it is an absolutely terrible situation, however this assumption is incorrect. How come we see so many children dying in foster care or being abused but yet when the parents of the children being removed and placed in these dangerous homes cry out asking for help or publicity everyone turns a blind eye to what is going on? There is an assumption that parents who's kids have been removed are bad people. This is not true, in 4 week orders CPS apply to have children removed from their parents home to do an "assessment" one of the things that they assess the parent on is a thing called parental capacity, this process of assessing parental capacity is literally going to an appointment with a physcologist who is "trained in the field". You only have to go here once for them to say that they either need further assessment or that they do not think you should have your child. This is a 1 and a half hour process that decides your childs future for the rest of their and your lives. Now if this physcologist says they need to further assess you CPS will then apply for a 6 week, 6 month or 12 month order to get the assessment done. Now, this is 4 weeks of being ripped away from their parent and on top of that another 6 more because CPS failed to complete their job properly. I would like you all to think about the kind of damage this does to a child. On top of this any false allegations they wish to make, for example if they were to lie and say your house was disgusting and unfit for a child to live in they do not need to provide proof of this only case notes which are exactly what they sound like they are notes written on a notebook. ANYTHING can be written in case notes, these are the notes they use in court and call proof. This along with whatever the physcologist has said that they think of you from your 1 and a half hour visit determines whether or not you get your children back or they go for a 12 month or 18 year order. In a 12 month order they can either decide to go for an extended 6 months or 18 year order. This so called "evidence" is nothing more then hear say and whatever those workers feel like writting about it.
If you think that this is fair then you may ignore what I'm about to say however, this at the least in my opinion is extremely unfair. I believe that accesses should be 100% recorded and that those tapes in their entirety should be seen by a jury and judge when applying for 18 year orders. Infact your entire case should be over seen by a jury if CPS wish to go for 18 year orders, this along with changing the standard from a balance of probabilities to beyond reasonable doubt will cause an extremely positive outcome for all australian families and their children. Any evidential information should be taken seriously and be able to be presented before a jury in 18 year orders. I call for justice within our judicial system and to stop the corruptness we now know as CPS. No one want children to be used like bargaining chips and to be used as nothing mroe then a number these are australias most vulnerable and helpless.. We need to be doing right by them, their families and our county.

Ten Rules for Children

2. I know my NAME, ADDRESS, & PHONE NUMBER, and my parents’ names too. (Don’t forget: kids need to know their parents’ mobile phone numbers!)
3. Safe Grownups Don’t Ask Kids for Help!! (They go to other grownups if they need assistance).
4. I never go ANYWHERE or take ANYTHING from someone I don’t know.
5. I must “CHECK FIRST” with my safe-smarts grownup for permission: before I go anywhere, change my plans, or get into a car even if it’s with someone I know. If I can’t check first, then the answer is NO!
6. Everybody’s bathing suit areas are PRIVATE.
7. I don’t have to be POLITE, if someone makes me feel scared or uncomfortable. It’s okay to say NO… even to a grownup, if I have to.
8. I don’t keep SECRETS… especially if they make me feel scared or uneasy. (No adult should tell a child to keep a secret).
9. If I ever get LOST in a public place, I can FREEZE & YELL or go to a Mom with Kids and ask for help.
10. I will always pay attention to my Special Inner Voice, especially if I get an “uh-oh” feeling.

Source : http://safelyeverafter.com/tenrules.html

Ministers defend care system after 'forced adoption' comments

Ministers have defended the care system after a former Liberal Democrat MP said council social services departments in England and Wales were "under pressure" to get children adopted. John Hemming, who campaigns for improvements in the family justice system, said the process of assessment used by judges who make decisions about children's futures was biased towards council management objectives. He said he believed that ministers would have to apologise for the harm done to children ''wrongly put through forced adoption''.

What are Responsible Parenting Orders?

Responsible Parenting Orders have been introduced in WA and are obtained by schools under the Department of Education applying to the Children's Court to have orders made for you about your child.

Apparently they're voluntary, however the use of the word "compels" indicates otherwise.

The brochure states: "Under the PSR Act, the Chief Executive Officers of the Departments of Education, Child Protection or Corrective Services may apply to the Children’s Court for a Responsible Parenting Order when every effort to engage the parent(s) voluntarily has failed and if it is considered that an Order will make a positive difference to the child’s behaviour. A Responsible Parenting Order compels a parent(s) to take up the support offered by agencies and to meet their responsibilities in exercising appropriate control over their child’s anti-social, offending or truanting behaviour."

Interestingly enough, there seems to be absolutely no insight into the fact that many children nowadays are subject to family law court orders, and amongst those children are many who are being forced to spend time with their abusers, both physically and sexually.  With just the idea that a state governened court order can make a parent improve their children's behaviour - who may be acting out due to being under extreme pressure, one can easily see how more innocent parents are going to lose custody of their children to either the state - or the abusive parent.

Were your children removed on an Emergency Order?

In NSW the law regarding the removal of children without a warrant and prior to court proceedings has different legal time-frames and requirements in as far as what type of orders can be made and what kind of extension the courts are permitted to grant.

First of all the department has to bring the matter to the court within three days.  Secondly the Emergency Care and Protection Order is valid for only 14 days, of which it may be extended for another fourteen.  At the end of this time the magistrate has to make a decision as to whether the children were in need of care and protection, and this is a final order.  He is not permitted to extend the order, he is not permitted to grant adjournments so that caseworkers can start piling up the paperwork they do that usually confuses the judge and takes his attention from the matters first at hand.

The law says this : If an ECPO is made, it will have a life not exceeding 14 days and may be renewed for a similar or lesser term on one occasion only: s 46(3). A child who is subject to an ECPO is usually placed in the “care responsibility” of the Director-General, but another person may be allocated care responsibility. Unlike an interim care order, an ECPO and an extension of an ECPO are “final” orders. Once it is made, the proceedings are at an end and there can be no question of a further court date. Having made the ECPO, the magistrate is “functus officio”. There is no power to make contact or other orders.  

For further information see : https://www.judcom.nsw.gov.au/publications/benchbks/local/care_and_protection_jurisdiction.html#d5e25825