"Father threatened with jail over website attacking former wife and lawyers"

The Family Court has threatened to jail an aggrieved father over a website that attacks his former wife as a "psychopath" and intimidates her lawyers by branding them witches and murderers.

An outraged judge has urged the Australian Federal Police to investigate the "insidious" website, giving the Brisbane man until next Wednesday to delete the "scurrilous attacks" or risk being found in contempt.

The father, who is seeking greater access to his children, told Justice Colin Forrest he would go to jail if necessary, describing the judge and his orders as "corrupt".

The website includes photographs and descriptions of his former wife's numerous present and former attorneys, depicting one female solicitor as an "ugly witch" and another as "the assassin" -- a "cowgirl lawyer" shown clutching a shotgun.

The website alleges the lawyers have advised women to make false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse, while subjecting their children to the "torture" of being alienated from their fathers.

The father's website also attacks lawyers and expert witnesses connected to the family's child custody and alleged domestic violence cases.

Justice Forrest opined that the father had at least breached section 121 of the Family Law Act -- which prevents the public identification of family law litigants -- and directed the Family Court marshall and the Federal Police to investigate more thoroughly.

Justice Forrest said that the website was clearly designed to intimidate the former wife's lawyers and deter others from taking up her case.

"The right to be legally represented is a fundamental cornerstone (of the proper administration of justice)," he said on July 25. "The mother is entitled to respond to the substantive and interim applications of the father and to engage legal representation free from the pressure of knowing that any solicitor or barrister who acts for her will be subject to the type of scurrilous attacks the father makes through . . . his website."

Mother of three told she will face jail if she continues criticising social workers on Facebook

The woman had her three children taken away by social services at North East Lincolnshire Council, pictured A mother has been told she will be jailed if she continues to criticise social workers who forced her three-year-old son into adoption.

The woman was taken to Hull Family Court over posts she made on Facebook.

Judge John Dowse warned her she would face prison for contempt if she posted anything further about the case in the next five years.

The woman had her three children taken away by social services at North East Lincolnshire Council, pictured

She had her three children taken away by North East Lincolnshire social services after temporarily resuming a relationship with a violent partner who had been jailed for domestic abuse.

She later took out an order to stop his intimidation, but claims social workers had already earmarked her son for adoption, rejecting offers of help from relatives.

She said: ‘I understand the concern, but adoption is supposed to be the last option.’

Foster crisis: Kids knowingly sent to carers with serious criminal charges

VULNERABLE foster children were placed in homes with carers who had serious criminal records, including rape, ­assault and drugs charges, with the full knowledge of the state government.

The Sunday Telegraph has obtained a leaked 2010 internal report that raises concerns with senior management in Family and Community Services (FACS) about five carers with serious criminal records.

One foster carer on the mid-north coast had an 18-page record, including two convictions for rape, three for assault, five for stealing, four for domestic violence and one of malicious wounding. The carer had done significant jail time.

The carer and his wife were paid $128,000 in foster payments each year to care for 10 children from 2005 onwards.

Youth justice is not the government's fault – but it's their job to fix it

Youth justice is not the government's fault – but it's their job to fix it.  

Illustration: Andrew Dyson

The problem we are facing with the youth justice system hasn't developed overnight. The present government has inherited a problem that has been some years in the making. So how did we get here?

One view is that successive governments have taken their eye off the ball with regard to youth justice; another is that our present crisis is not, or not only, due to negligence but more because of governments actively pursuing the wrong approach.

Man extradited from Qld to NSW over sickening sexual assault of 7yo girl

A man has been charged with several child sex offences following an ongoing investigation into the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl in his care six years ago.

The 45-year-old man, who was wanted on a warrant over the alleged child assault, was arrested in Ipswich on unrelated matters last Friday and extradited back to NSW.

WA DCP coverup of four years sexual abuse by foster carer son

A girl in Bunbury Western Australia aged 11 to 14 was sexually abused by her foster carer's son-in-law for 2 years between 2010 to 2013 and the evidence was hidden by foster carer's and DCP !!

The foster carers stole the young girls Toshiba hard drive, from her brand new Toshiba laptop purchased for her by DCP. IT had her diary records of the daily events of sexual abuse by the perpetrator and abuse by the foster carer's. The child's Toshiba laptop, had all security seals broken and damaged when inspected and had been replaced with a generic hard drive. Toshiba assured me they do not use generic products in their computers but their own branded products. Her mobile phone was wiped after being confiscated as well as her iPod being taken and never returned.

The perpetrator got off due to "insufficient evidence" !!

WA DCP protecting rapists to cash in on kids

WA DCP covering up rape of girls in care. They even email mothers to tell them their daughter was raped in care. What a disgraceful department. Paedophiles protecting paedophiles - and they coverup the crimes long enough to endure the girls receive no justice. Jail sentence all involved in the rape coverups. #Joondalup and #Bunbury #DCP #15000Stories #StopChildTrafficking #Alecomm

DOCS removed child by mistake

The State Opposition says mistakes made by the Department of Community Services over the removal of a young girl from her family should have been fixed earlier.

The Opposition's community services spokeswoman Pru Goward says a five year old girl was wrongly removed from her family and the mistake was only rectified after the intervention of the deputy ombudsman.

Three UK sisters, who weren't given legal names by their parents, have been taken into care after the youngest was said to be at risk of SEXUAL harm.

The girls, including a baby now aged four months, were taken in after Leeds social workers stepped in to help.

Family Court Judge Sarah Lynch made a series of rulings about the girls and would not not identify any names or the family involved, The Sun reported.

The judge said social services staff at the local City Council had asked for rulings.

Her final ruling in November focused on the youngest sister, whose birth was said to have only had been registered by her surname.

Social workers said they gave the baby a name for "day-to-day" use and claimed there was evidence the child was at risk of "sexual and emotional" harm at home.

The Stop Stealing our Children Speech at G20 Summit Brisbane "

Australia is the government child stealing capital of the world. Australian government child protection departments' have stolen more children per head of population than any other western nation. That is not a title to be proud of - it is one of great shame.

Sadly our governments have failed to learn the painful and destructive lessons of the past, and have escalated the rate of child stealing in the last decade on the ludicrous premise that it is better to take a child on an unregistered caseworkers opinion - because they might suffer a risk of harm at some time in the future if left with family; whilst at the same time failing to acknowledge the far greater evidenced harm to children forcibly removed and placed in care that has damaging lifelong consequences both for the child and their family.

While the Federal Government keeps apologising to one stolen generation after another, and acknowledges time and time again the harm state governments have inflicted on vulnerable children and their families for decades caused by the failures of the state child protection systems, nothing has changed.  This is because there is too much power and no accountability in this corrupt industry. Child stealing by governments always has and always will be a total failure as governments are evidenced to be the worst parents of all.

Brisbane mother jailed for child cruelty after toddlers found covered in faeces and living in squalor

A Brisbane mother whose children were left unsupervised in faecal-covered squalor has been sent to prison.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to four charges of cruelty and negligence in the Brisbane's District Court.

She broke down in tears as she was sentenced to 12 months' jail.

Graham Thomson: Alberta human services minister tries to weather self-created storm

IHuman Services Minister Irfan Sabir talks about actions to improve, Alberta's child intervention system on Dec. 8, 2016, in Edmonton. Greg Southam / Postmediaf Human Service Minister Irfan Sabir is not willing to resign over his department’s bungled handling of an internal report into the death of a four-year-old girl, maybe he should resign for his performance the past two days, after the story broke.

The performance included actively avoiding the media, holding an irritatingly vacuous news conference, blaming the previous Progressive Conservative government and forming a bogus all-party investigative panel to distract attention from his performance as minister.

At the heart of the story is Serenity, the little First Nations girl who died while in government-supervised “kinship care” in 2014. The cause of death was a traumatic head injury, but she also suffered from a disturbing list of abuse including hypothermia, catastrophic malnutrition and genital bruising.

Royal Commission into SA child protection demands hundreds of changes after pedophile’s horrific crimes

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill has urged voters to trust in his ability to fix child protection in the state, after a royal commission demanded hundreds of changes to the tragedy-plagued system.

But the opposition says Mr Weatherill is inextricably linked to the serious failings identified and has no choice but to resign.

Another SA carer arrested over child abuse

Another review of South Australia's scandal-plagued child protection system has been ordered after the arrest of a residential care worker who has been accused of abusing young children.

Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close confirmed the arrest of the man and says while she can't comment on the individual case an independent legal firm has been engaged to look into the department's employment and screening processes.

The man was believed to have been among 25 carers 'red-flagged' and suspended for a time after a 2014 inquiry into the children protection system but, along with several others, later cleared and allowed to return to work.

Premier backed down on child protection agency

Forcing the South Australian Labor government to establish a stand-alone child protection agency, with a new chief executive with specialist credentials, will help stem an exodus of social workers, the Public Service ­Association says.

The Weatherill government yesterday bowed to an interim royal commission recommendation announcing the creation of a new child protection department, splitting those responsibilities from education.

'Alarming’ number of children missing from UK care homes

Children are disappearing from UK care homes at an "alarming" rate, two charities warn.

The number of children missing from UK care homes is “alarmingly” high, two charities say, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the country’s child protection system.

Of the nearly 760 trafficked or unaccompanied children who disappeared from care homes across the UK last year, over 200 have not been found, according to a study by ECPAT UK and Missing People charities published on Tuesday.

What is the "Right to Lie" case?


A court case known as the “Right to Lie” case would establish whether social workers are legally immune from perjury charges if they lie to the courts in order to remove children from their families — and it is now one step away from the Supreme Court.

Case number 15-55563, also known as Hardwick v. Vreeken or the “Right to Lie” case, was heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in October. The case is an extension of a long-running court battle between a California woman and her two daughters against the child welfare system in Orange County, California.

How social workers failed Yorkshire schoolgirl abused by gang of 12

Twelve men have been sentenced to a total of 130 years for sexually exploiting a young schoolgirl in Keighley.

Professionals ‘believed children chose to consent to this type of crime’.

A CATALOGUE of mistakes and missed opportunities by police and social workers was blamed today for failing to protect a vulnerable schoolgirl from West Yorkshire who was systematically abused by a gang of Asian males whom, a court heard, saw her as “utterly worthless”.

The girl, identified only as “Autumn”, was aged 13 and 14 when she was repeatedly raped, sexually abused and passed around by the men. In one sustained attack she was raped by five of them in succession. Today, a “serious case review” published by Bradford Safeguarding Children Board criticised police for “not prioritising intervention in this type of crime”, and for a belief that “children involved in this kind of harm were actively consenting and choosing to become involved”. On one occasion, police treated information that Autumn had performed a sex act on an Asian man in a park as a case of prostitution, the review’s authors say.

Government ignores social workers, campaigners, Lords and more than 100,000 petitioners and forces child protection opt-outs back into Children and Social Work Bill

The Government has ignored social workers, children’s rights campaigners, more than 100,000 members of the public and the House of Lords and revived plans to let councils opt out of more than 80 years of child protection laws.

The Education Secretary Justine Greening will announce in the House of Commons this afternoon that she will plough on with proposals letting her exempt local authorities from almost any duty imposed on them by child protection legislation since 1933.