Straight from the mouth of NSW ICAC: Why exposing and preventing corruption is important

Undetected and unchecked corruption in the public sector can cause serious damage including:

  • undermining public trust in government
  • wasting public resources and money
  • causing injustice through advantaging some at the expense of others

Globally, the World Economic Forum has estimated that the cost of corruption is about US$2.6 trillion a year. The impacts of corruption disproportionately affect the most vulnerable people in society. Widespread corruption deters investment, weakens economic growth and undermines the rule of law.

Corrupt conduct is deliberate or intentional wrongdoing, not negligence or a mistake.  While it can take many forms, corrupt conduct occurs when:

  • a public official uses, or tries to use, the knowledge, power or resources of their position for personal gain or the advantage of others
  • a public official acts dishonestly or unfairly, or breaches public trust
  • a member of the public influences, or tries to influence, a public official to use his or her position in a way that is dishonest, biased or breaches public trust.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR COMPLAINT DIRECT TO THE I.C.A.C. - Lets see how seriously they really take corruption.  And just how many false and misleading statements will be dealt with harsh penalties, how many 'causing financial loss' will be charged.  Lets see the ICAC put its money where its mouth is!

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