Dr Brian Potter - another child and adult psychiatrist hitman for NSW Human Services

This parasite of the unfortunate is appointed by the following agencies, one would have to assume it is to discount the information supplied by other legitimate independent psychiatrists and medical experts, with the intent to minimise the compensation paid to the victims.

What is not stated below is that he often supplies psychiatrist reports, sometimes at the cost of $30 000 per family, for NSW department human services.

This man gets the cost of a luxury car for each family he desecrates.

In an emergency he will be contacted by Child Protection Hospital Units (CPHU) for a quick over the phone assessment which gives the Department of Community Services the power to remove any child.  This is called a Hypothesis.

Hypothesis: An assumption used in an argument without its being endorsed; a supposition.

You have no defense against this DoCS hitman. You have nowhere to turn for help, your baby has been legally kidnapped, and this man has been awarded the cost of a trip around the world for his evil.

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