Systematic destruction of Innocence will no longer be tolerated!

What kind of world do we live in? We see politicians encouraging torture, murder and abuse, we see churches openly admitting that they have paedophiles amongst them, but what most of us think we know doesn’t even skim the surface of the evil we are surrounded by. Why is it that evil seems to prosper in this world?

Last August, 2014 I discovered that a person on my Facebook friends list was a paedophile. This man had sexual fantasies about murdering babies and other sickening acts, and I had evidence, so of course I was not going to ignore this information.  The trouble was my experience with the criminality of the police left me wondering who I could turn to.

My biggest concern was that I already knew, (due to a few personal discussions with victims of ritual abuse), that police, judges, politicians, Clergy and other well paid traitors to humanity around Australia (and the world) were involved in organised paedophile rings and therefore would do anything to protect themselves and the ring, and of course the police would obey any order from a ‘superior’ to continue the cover-up.

The dilemma for me was that this predator had information that could expose other paedophiles and clients and that information was on his computer. To catch one predator would be good, but certainly would not stop the abuse and evil. My thinking at the time was that only by uncovering the ring and exposing all it’s rotten participants would any real progress be made.  So I did a really stupid thing, I called ‘ARGOS’, the child sexual abuse investigators here in Queensland, Australia. Of course, the man I spoke to representing ARGOS was not interested at all in what I had to say (despite the fact I had many, many hours of recorded conversations exposing it all) and suggested that I call the Victorian child sexual abuse investigators. When I called the Victorian child sexual abuse task force the phone rang out. The only other option at the time seemed to be Crimestoppers. “Crime Stoppers is a partnership between the registered charity and community volunteer organisation Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited and the Queensland Police Service. Crime Stoppers was established in Queensland in 1989 and operates throughout Australia and the World.”. I blurted out as much information as I could in a short time to the woman on the phone who was clearly quite shocked, and she reassured me it would be handed on to the relevant parties. And that was a very dangerous thing to do, as I soon discovered.

The next day Sean received a message from a woman we knew, (I’ll refer to her as ‘B’) and the content of the message was quite strange. She explained that she had just learned something so horrible and so disturbing she could not stop crying. She told Sean that I must not go anywhere or contact anyone in any way for 24 hours, she also said that she would be coming to see us both that day. She told Sean that if I had planned to ignore her and attend the appointment that I had that day to drug me to prevent me from leaving. Of course Sean told her in no uncertain terms that he would never drug me. When he forwarded a copy of the messages B sent him my stomach turned.

The next few hours were a blur, we could not comprehend at the time why she was so insistent that I not go anywhere and I had seriously considered just ignoring her demands, but reading the messages forwarded from Sean I knew she was quite distraught, so eventually I acquiesced.

Sean and I met her when she arrived and after settling her children she began to fill us in on why she had messaged Sean. It was clear she was not herself, she was very anxious and kept her distance from me. She told us that a person had broken into her house, it was someone she knew, someone she had worked with in a correctional centre. This person knew of Sean and I and what we were currently working on, and he had told her that unless we drop everything, (meaning the paedophile investigation), Sean’s children, my children and B’s children were all going to be taken into the ring, doomed to a life of sexual slavery and subjected to horrors unimaginable. This man told B that if I refused to shut my mouth she must kill me to save our children, and although she and I were friends, or so I had thought, she arrived quite prepared to do just that. She explained that after she killed me Sean would then have to decide if he was going to kill her and then made it clear that he would then have to decide how he would protect her children (who were quietly watching a movie at the time).

Sean and I discussed our options privately, and agreed that we would go with the flow and prepare for whatever came, but were determined to continue the work we were doing, never once considering an agreement to the terms laid out.

More information came to the fore over the next few days, and the details were horrific. We had apparently been ‘bugged’ for quite a while without our knowledge and she informed us the ‘ring’ was watching us very carefully.

B’s children were living with their father most of the time, (she was only ‘granted’ fortnightly weekend visits by a paedophile loving Queensland based ‘judge’ who has actually sent one Queensland mother to jail for not allowing her children to visit their father who was a known paedophile/sex offender and another mother was sent to jail for 4 months for not being able to afford petrol for her car to attend a family court matter), but that day the children were with her. It was strange being around her and her children, pretending that everything was happy between us.

Speaking to B’s children confirmed our worst fears, as they too had been violently sexually abused by their own father, (who had been granted custody of the children), and by many others, at the school they attended and in their home. One of her children had horrific injuries due to the abuse and when they told us of their situation my anger rose and the tears flowed. How can this happen to children?

B told me that the ring had been controlling her, and that she had woken up a few times with needle marks and bruising on her arms, and we saw the bruises and needle mark for ourselves that day, obviously pressure bruises from someone else’s fingers. She told me she had been used by ‘them’ to murder someone while she was in a drugged state and gave me a ‘hit-list’ that they had given her of people that had obviously upset their plans in one way or another, so I took a copy of the list and passed it on.

So the question is, just how prevalent is the organised abuse of children? Until 2012 I could not have believed that such organised evil was so widespread, yes I knew child sexual abuse was rife, but this was entirely different to the creepy perverts that I had encountered in my lifetime.

There was a case in Victoria, Australia, involving the Mornington Child Care Centre and Nursery School, in Parwan Crescent, Mornington, run by Norman and Alison Shulver, where little children were being hired out for sexual abuse. Quoting the Age; “The then Department of Community Services de-registered the centre after a departmental inquiry found the former owners, Norman and Alison Shulver, caused, permitted or were involved in the abuse of the children. Police did not charge the Shulvers.” So, after an investigation found this couple were in fact responsible for the sexual abuse of children the police did not charge them? No, in fact, the Shulvers moved to Queensland and set about slandering the innocent victims and naming them on a website. How can that be? Because the police are very much a part of protecting the ring.

When I called the child sexual abuse task force to report this paedophile with the intention of handing in the evidence I had, they rejected it, because they are not paid to expose their masters, rather, they are obliged to do everything they can to protect their masters and the child sexual abuse ring that they are a part of.

Police, or policy enforcers, take orders, and they are certainly not permitted to act on their own conscience (if they have one).  They must do as they are told, and they certainly agree to these terms, committing the dirtiest of deeds for their masters, for money. So what kind of person becomes a traitor against their fellow man/woman? Psychology Today states: “What does it take to be a traitor? There are 3 basic motivators: money, ideology, and ego. The greatest of these is ego.”

We have a gang of armed, ego-crazed thugs claiming they have authority over us, running around doing the bidding of the most vile cretins on the planet, and that is why evil seems to be prospering.

The ritual abuse, sexual slavery and murder of children and babies, has been going on for centuries. Ned Kelly, considered to be an outlaw, exposed the abuse of children in Australia over 130 years ago in his ‘Jerilderie Letter’ stating: “orphan children [are taken] to the industrial school to make Prostitutes for the Detectives and other evil disposed persons”. It would seem nothing has really changed, but what can you expect when the ‘Queen’, whom the police, politicians and judges all swear an oath to serve, and her vile, in-bred family line, known paedophiles and satanists, pull the strings of those who claim to be there to protect children?

In a previous blog I wrote of the horrors of Nambour Hospital and had mentioned that the staff steal babies from long term patients (I know of this because I have spoken to several victims of that hospital and they all tell a similar story), so where do the babies go?

In September 2014 two very brave young children from the UK told their story.  It is the most detailed account that I have heard and every experience they shared of their short lives was truly heartbreaking. They spoke of the babies (procured by the government from disadvantaged families) they saw murdered and raped in a chillingly candid way, and told of how they were forced to participate in these murders and rituals. They described very intimate details of the offenders and even supplied names and addresses. They exposed the school system, the church, the police and various organisations that regularly participate. They explained they had to face their fears, and that they did.  I’m not sure where these brave children are now, but according to the video they have been taken, and not surprisingly no charges have been laid against the offenders. I can only hope they are being protected as witnesses to these most heinous crimes, and that they are being taken care of, given counselling and nurtured through their traumas.  History has shown us that those who have information about the world-wide paedophile ring generally go missing at the hand of the perpetrators, but the account these children tell expose enough of what is going on to bring the ring to it’s end.

(Warning, the video of the children exposing the abuse is very disturbing and is not suitable for children.)

Please download this video and re-upload as it keeps being taken down. This link will be continually updated.

The system has made it very difficult, nearly impossible to expose these evils, but on the other hand humanity seems to have lost it’s protective, warrior nature, leaving our children’s lives in the hands of rogues who care for nothing but money, their misguided ideology and their own ego. It is our natural right to protect our children and deal with anyone who plans to harm them, in fact, not only is it a right, but our responsibility!  We must remember that if we rely on rogues and traitors to clean up the evil in this world we cannot expect anything but more roguery.  If the police find their consciences we will have allies in our quest to protect our children, but we cannot wait for a traitor to do the right thing, the time is now!  We are part of humanity and it is our duty to protect our most innocent.   If more people speak up about abuse and are able to find someone to hear them, this darkness will shrivel and die.

I haven’t heard from B since August 2014, and I often think of her and her children and wonder how they are doing. I wish she had taken a different path and confided in us so we could work together to protect her children and ours and any other children who are victims of this evil. Why she chose to be blackmailed by a person who is willing to threaten her children’s lives for their own benefit is a mystery to Sean and I, but we wish her and her children safety and happiness despite what has happened.

Satanic sexual and ritual abuse of children is not a myth, it is real and it is now one of the worlds most pressing issues.

Save the Planet, Smash the system!

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