The new inclusive toilet design to accomodate those offended by everything

In the interest of not upsetting somebody whose mental vision doesn’t match their physical description, these “inoffensive” toilets are being designed for implementation into public facilities. This is great news because mothers have always wanted to breastfeed next to mens piss-troughs and have their little girls walking past said penises hanging over smelly filthy piss-troughs just to go to the toilet without offending somebody who is offended by everything. #NotInMyToilet

The leftards want these designs and similar used for public toilets etc.

These designs are extremely unsafe for women and children, with, regardless of the propaganda, there already being statistics evidencing the increase of women and children being sexually assaulted in toilets where “gender neutral” toilets are.

But the real interesting stuff is yet to

come because with leftards pushing for Islamic acceptance, rape will increase with no charges for cultural differences because women will be exposing their breasts to islamists, and given the low intolerance to homosexuality, it will also include pretty much anybody except a male ... a real male. Well I guess I can say that now because the only title left for a real man is a real man. Anyway, off with the heads when a man in a skirt lifts his penis to those who don’t tolerate these new Christian values. The leftards are cooking up a real storm. 🌪🌪🌪

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