Ontario Families United describes global child protection perfectly.

It's not the system that lacks ethics and morals and its not the system that allows between 90 and 120 children in care to die every year in Ontario. It wasn't the system that refused to register with College of Social Work avoiding ethical oversight for 18 years or to refuse to cooperate with the Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner unless forced to by law, or to completely disregard fundamental justice, it took all the people entrusted to oversee the system to do that.

Child Protection in Canada hasn't earned it's dark reputation by doing good work and helping children and families or by serving the best interest of the community.

They've earned their terrible reputation by pitting parent against parent and pitting, doctors, teachers, police, daycare workers and anonymous informants against poor families in secret courts.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/FamiliesUnitedOntario/photos/a.421920498017720.1073741828.421903944686042/683548835188217/?type=3

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